How to Choose the Right Art for Your Bathroom

by Editor on September 3, 2013


Day in and day out, you look at what’s probably a plain, boring, neutral-colored wall in your bathroom. But you need to think outside the box! This is the perfect canvas for art. Choosing something appropriate and attractive is easier than you think if you follow a few simple tips. Shop for art that goes well with your bathroom fixtures or buy new fixtures to start a theme in the room.

Sculptural Wall Art

Wall art isn’t confined to paintings and other flat designs, especially in a bathroom with empty wall space that you have no other use for. A bathroom is the perfect canvas for sculptured wall art that “pops out” in to the viewer. If you’re aiming for a sort of antique theme, for example, a wrought-iron, bronze or white porcelain wall sculpture might be the perfect addition. Try:

  • A sculpture of a face or person in the style of da Vinci
  • A cherub or angelic sculpture
  • A sculpture that resembles something from ancient Egypt or Rome (Egyptian-style cats or athletes with laurel wreaths on their heads, for example)

If you prefer bold and decorative, go for multi-colored, abstract sculptures in metal or iron such as. Brighter colors or sharp contrast work well if you’re going for bold. Art in the style of Picasso is a staple for abstract styles

A rustic-style country-themed bathroom lends itself well to three-dimensional sculptures of natural-inspired art made from materials such as wood and bamboo. Leave, trees, branches and pretty birds are perfect for a country theme. Typically, rustic décor comes in muted tones so add a splash of colors with bright flowers placed thoughtfully in stone or raw wood planters.

Frame your mirror to add to the theme of your bathroom. Wrap vines around the frame or place flowers at the corners. Silver or gold metallic paint can be used with stencils to accent an antique-themed bathroom.

Designer Decals


If you have a blank wall, but you don’t have the budget to hire a professional artist or the skill to paint a design yourself, add designer decals. Decals are incredibly easy to install on your wall: Just clean the wall and stick them on, making sure to squeeze out any air bubbles. Decals often come with a stiff card to swipe over the decals after you’ve applied them to get the bubbles out. You can also use a credit card (for smaller decals), the edge of a book or your hands. The great thing about decals is that they aren’t permanent so you can change up your look as often as you want!

Designs come in all sizes, colors and patterns, from large-scale, floor-to-ceiling designs to smaller accent pieces. Wording decals are also quite popular; create your own sayings, spell out your family name, or arrange an inspirational quote. Choose an abstract design for an eclectic look, or select a scene and turn your bathroom wall into a window to another place. For example, choose a giant beachside decal and you’ll feel like you’re looking out onto a serene ocean.

The Mini Gallery

Because of the potential for steam damage on irreplaceable photos, the bathroom isn’t an ideal place for framed photographs, but it is a great place in the home for framed art or art on canvas. Choose a print or an inexpensive piece of art because anything you put in the bathroom risks damage by water and/or moisture. If you have a huge blank wall space, opt for a large piece of art, or create a mini gallery by arranging smaller pieces.

HGTV explains that color in an otherwise white or cream-colored bathroom can make a huge difference in the aesthetic look of the room. So whether you plan to sell your house soon and want the bathroom to stand out or you simply want to create a relaxing, peaceful atmosphere in your bathroom, add some art to the room.

Flower decals from Flickr’s Creative Commons by Decorze

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