How To Choose House Colors For A Period Home

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If you live in a house that belongs to a historic period, you may want to choose house colors that represent the time when the house was built.  You can select interior paint that fits in with what the original owners would have selected.  It can increase the home’s value and allow you to enjoy its history.

Choosing Colonial Colors

The oldest homes in America were the colonial homes built by European settlers.  While you probably aren’t living in one of the original houses, you can create a replicated look from a modern colonial.

Colors popular for this type of home include navy, peach, cream, and light grays.  You could pick a navy wall with peach or cream trim for an authentic look.  Simplicity was the theme of this period.

Choosing Victorian Era Colors

This period would include houses built between 1840 and 1910.  While the décor was detailed and ornate, the color palette was soft and romantic.  You would see rose, jade, soft blue, and tan colors in the rooms.

How to Choose House Colors from Arts and Crafts

This style of design was popular during the early nineteenth century.  The color palette was stronger with bolder tones.  During this era, you would see deep burgundies, greens, golds, and gray blues.  To copy this design, you could pair one of the deep colors with a light cream or pewter gray.

Choosing Colors from the Twentieth Century

Many people own cottages from the 1920s and have them decorated in contrasting shades of dark and light.  For instance, you might see pale blue and peacock in a room or seafoam and forest green together.

The 30s were a dark period in American history with The Great Depression.  Colors like mauve and green represented the warmth of home.  Relaxing colors were chosen to remove the stress of life.

The 1950s saw the introduction of the suburb and along with it came vibrant blues and pinks, yellow-greens and purples.  World War II had ended and families longed for a quiet, peaceful life.

How to Know What Period Your House Belongs to

If you know when your home was built, you can have an idea of the style and know which interior paint colors to use.  However, towards the end of an era, you might see either of the two prevalent styles or a combination.  You can check with your county land records to find out when it was built.  Professional designers or decorators can tell you about the architectural history of the house to help you choose house colors right for your home.

Hire a Professional

If you want your period home to look authentic, it would be best for you to hire a professional painting company.  They will know the techniques as well as the colors to stay true to the period.  They may need to make repairs or fix moulding or other areas of your home for painting.  Professional painters will work hard to protect your historic property while restoring it to its former glory.

A professional can match woods or craft the moulding design to look like the original.  They will also know the type of paint to use, like a high gloss or more matte paint to fit in with the correct era.  When you have ornate doors or moulding to be painted, painters can make sure the finished look is as close to the original as possible.

Restore your home to its original style without making it look dated with the right colors.  Careful research can help you choose house colors that will bring out the architecture of your house and make it the talk of the neighborhood.

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