How To Care For Your New Hardwood Flooring

by Editor on June 3, 2013


As a proud homeowner, having hardwood flooring installed either in a new home or to replace and old floor is a point of pride for you. Not only does it increase the value of your house, but it looks great as well. Whether you’ve opted for a parquet floor or had tongue and groove flooring installed, the first thing you do is admire how great it makes the whole room look. Your next step will be to make sure it stays looking this great as long as possible.

Here are some tips you can use to keep your new wood floor looking great:

1. Take off your shoes. One of the harshest things you can do to a wood floor is subject it to the dirt and grime that is embedded in your shoes. Every time you walk out the door, your shoes pick up minuscule pieces of dirt and gravel which turns your shoes into sandpaper which is guaranteed to scratch your new floor.

2. Put down carpets or floor runners. These are designed to prevent feet from touching the wood floor which, in turn prevents a track from being worn into the finish of your new floor. While a track may not show for years, it will eventually present itself which will require you to refinish your whole floor to restore the great appearance.

3. Use padded feet for furniture. This keeps the floor from being scratched when someone sits or shifts in a chair or couch and helps keep divots from developing under chair, couch and table legs. Also, placing an area rug under furniture provides added protection from the damage furniture can cause.

4. Do your best to avoid dropping anything, especially something metal or heavy. Virtually anything metal will cause a scratch and anything heavy will cause a divot. Not only do these detract from how good your floor looks but they make them harder to clean as well.

5. Sweep carefully with a soft bristled broom or a Swiffer. Soft bristled brooms and Swiffers not only “scoop” up dirt particles better than ha hard bristled broom but they do a better job picking up dust as well. If you use a Swiffer, pay close attention to the pad and dust it off occasionally to prevent it from dragging something across the floor that could scratch.

6. Mop using a cleaner specifically designed for wood. Many kitchen floor cleaners have harsh chemicals that are designed to cut through grease but will damage the finish on a hard wood floor. There are several wood soaps that will clean your new wood flooring just as well but will also prevent the damage harsh chemicals can cause.

You can be justifiably proud of having a new wood floor in your home. They look great, provide a warmer look for any room and are much nicer to walk on than cold tiles are. With proper care, your wood floors will look virtually brand new for years to come.

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Jack Simmons is an avid author of home improvement and home cleaning tips and tricks for new homeowners. He specializes in innovative ways of maintaining hardwood floors in the home.

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