How To Build An Amazing Home Theater

by Editor on June 13, 2013


A night staying in with your family watching your favorite movie and indulging in your favorite snacks seems perfect already, it could only get better if you had a state-of-the-art home theater in your home. It sounds like something from the lifestyles of the rich and famous, but these days anyone can build their own home theater. There is more to it than simply purchasing an HD projector and a screen though, some planning and research are needed and will go a long way. When you do take the time to plan it out, and you know what rookie mistakes to avoid, you can create the ultimate in-home theater and you may not ever want to go out to see a movie again.

Getting Started: Where’s It Going?

Obviously before you can transform a space into a home theater, you need a space to transform, say the home experts over at HGTV. You cannot just turn any room into a theater, this kind of entertainment space needs, well, space. HGTV suggests that ideally you want a room that is 20 by 13 feet, but at the bare minimum you need it to be 12 by 12 feet. Also, while you will be insulating the space to help sound-proof it, you will want it relatively distanced from the main area of the home where the noise could interrupt everyone else. Some good choices of rooms would be one that is above a generally unused room such as above a formal living room or above a garage, or you could go with a spare bedroom that is distanced from the main living area.

Frame, Wire, and Soundproof

Once you have chosen the perfect location it is time to frame and insulate the room. This room will be different than any other room you have insulated before because you will frame, insulate, pre-wire all of your electronics and lighting, and then install your drywall and sound barriers. It sounds complicated, and you could certainly hire someone to come in and assist if you are nervous about doing it yourself, but there are plenty of guides available to walk you through this process including advice from HGTV.

Don’t Blow Your Budget on One Item

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are building their home theater is they will go out and blow their entire budget on one big-ticket item but skimp on everything else, according to Digital Trends. You want quality items in your theater and that goes for everything from the HD projectors down to the surge protectors so budget it out and make sure you are not skimping because of something overpriced that is not necessary. Digital Trends points out that it is especially important to buy a good quality surge protector, what good is it to spend all that money on fancy electronics only to fry them all because you purchased a $15 surge protector from the department store?

Building a home theater has never been more attainable for your average family than it is today and it can be a great way for you to bond and spend time together. Just remember to have a plan, stick to your budget, and you will be enjoying your own movie theater in no time.

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