How Secure Is Secure?

by Editor on June 5, 2013

Security Circus

It’s really easy for us to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives and forget to be aware of our surroundings. All too often someone is caught off guard and falls victim to crime or theft. But, not you, right? You have all different kinds of security methods installed in your home, from your spy cam to your guard dog. Unfortunately there are many people who think this way and even more unfortunate is the fact that these people are victims of theft just as often as everyone else. Even if you have taken some security measures to protect your home, your house might not be as secure as you think it is.

One of the most basic steps that many people take to secure your home is to purchase diversion safes. Diversion safes come in all different forms from food items and bogus utility outlets to toiletry containers and household plants. While some of these safes might serve their purpose, there’s one form of diversion safe that isn’t the best idea; CD case diversion safes. With today’s tracking technology thieves aren’t always looking for your most valuable items. They are looking for items that will make them the most money the fastest and that can’t be traced back to them. One great item to steal for this purpose is CDs. If you insist on using diversion safes be sure to select one that will yield little to no money for any potential thieves.

There are some more common home security measures some people take that don’t always work out the way they were intended. One is to keep a firearm in the house. The problem with relying on your firearm is that it only protects your home if someone breaks in while someone is available to use the gun. You also run the risk of a thief stealing your firearm. There’s also the dangerous situation where an intruder reaches your firearm before you do. Another home security measure that many people rely on is their family dog. While this can deter some thieves just by hearing a dog barking, you are potentially putting your dog in harm’s way. Thieves who are determined to get by won’t let man’s best friend stand in the way. You might want to think of adding an additional more foolproof way to protect your home in order to keep you and your family safe.

While there’s nothing wrong with using the above methods to keep your home safe it’s important to keep in mind potential issues and to realize that your home protection methods might not be as secure as you initially thought. If you are relying only on one of the methods mentioned above, it’s not a bad idea to look into a more reliable and secure method of home protection like a home security system. Not only will an alarm alert you if your home is in danger but many alarms will automatically contact emergency assistance so you can rest assured knowing your home is always protected, even if you aren’t there.

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