How Long Do LED Lights Last?

by Editor on June 11, 2013

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Are you tired of arriving home late at night, tired from a long days work or spending time with friends, only to open the door, flip on the light and receive a flickered greeting from the bulb overhead as it expels its final moment of light and quickly flashed out to darkness. Now you’re faced with not only wandering inside the pitch black room, walking slowly with your arms spread out in front of you, attempting to feel blindly in front of you for any possible obstacles while you move further into the room in search for another light and switch.

The Problem with Traditional Light Bulbs

The traditional light bulb has, in a sense, remained almost entirely the same since its inception. Minor internal adjustments inside the bulb have occurred, but essentially the bulb and the overall functionality hasn’t changed, resulting in a rather short bulb life. And of course light bulbs never fade out at opportune times… instead, they always go out in a sudden burst of light right when you need them, without much of a warning sign.

A Solution to the Problem!

This is why you need to consider opting for an alternative to the traditional light bulb. In comes the LED light bulb! The LED light, with a completely different design from a traditional light bulb, not only produces light for a longer extended period of time, but it helps cut down the cost of the monthly energy bill, due to the less amounts of power it takes to illuminate the same brightness as a traditional light bulb.

How Long do LED Lights Last?

A traditional light bulb possess the capability of lasting anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 hours. If a bulb remains on for roughly four hours a day, this results in approximately 1,456 hours a year. So about once a year you are faced with the need to replace every light bulb in the house, ranging from the bulbs inserted into the bedside lamps to those covered under a light fixture well above your head, requiring a small step ladder just to reach it as you balance unscrewing the light fixture and the replacement bulb, all while trying not to fall off the ladder.

The LED light, on the other hand, possess the capability of lasting anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 hours before burning out. This means you would have to change out the bulb every 17 to 34 years. In fact, you’ll be more likely to move before the light bulb ever burns out. It also means you save a trip up those step ladders every year. If you were to buy a house at the age of 30, you might not have to replace the bulb until after you’re retired and after you have children and they move out. This marks a rather remarkable length of time for an LED light.

Better Burnout

LED light bulbs also don’t simply burst out with a last flicker of light. Instead, the LED lights start to slowly fade out at the end, preparing you for the inevitable and the eventual need to replace the light bulb. This allows you to have some warning that your bulb is dying out, and you can replace it at a time that is convenient to you (and before it completely dies out, forcing you to replace the bulb in the dark). And at the 25,000 to 50,000 point, the light bulb still produces light, just only at 70 percent of the original brightness. At that rate, you might actually never have to replace a bulb, if you simply wanted to see how long it could remain producing light.

Consider LED Lighting

The next time you walk into a room, only to become surrounded by darkness, you probably want to replace the light bulb once and then never have to worry about it again. With a traditional light bulb you’d find yourself in exactly the same position a year later. However, with an LED light bulb, it is possible you will never need to replace that particular bulb again.

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