How a Waterfall can add Beauty and Value to your Home

by Admin on August 31, 2013

Luckiamute FallsPicture the scene – a good book in one hand, chilled glass of wine in the other as you relax on your patio furniture. All the while you can hear the babbling, trickling sounds of your own personal waterfall. A waterfall feature can be a charming addition to your garden, enhancing your property and serving as a beautiful backdrop and talking point during garden parties and family gatherings. Read on to see how installing a small waterfall can be a cost-effective way to increase your home’s value and increase the interest of every guest.

Waterfall type

The type of waterfall you install is really dependent on the size and scale of your garden. The average garden size (90m2) can typically accommodate a classic natural stone waterfall. As well as looking beautiful, natural stone is very easy to come by, letting you add or subtract to the look at no extra cost. The varied colors and shades of natural stone also allow you to create a truly unique feature that can’t be mistaken for a catalogue or neighbor’s copy – making waterfalls one of the more versatile water features you can have outside the home.

 What You’ll Need

While it helps massively if you’re property has any kind of natural slope, a waterfall feature can be installed in most gardens, so long as you have the appropriate tools handy. The main things you’ll require in order to create the waterfall of your dreams and the envy of neighbors is a liner for the pond portion of the waterfall, a pump and some tubing all of which can be found at your local garden centre. A varied assortment of natural stones, including several wider flat stones for the base are essential, as well as a basic garden shovel and hose. As long as you’re equipped with the right tools, you can take it upon yourself to build a waterfall in your back garden – make a fun summer project of it and enlist the help of family members. After all, it’s a feature for everyone to enjoy.

A waterfall can be the gift that keeps on giving in terms of adding interest and value to your home. Once you have your stone-laden waterfall, you may wish to take on further garden projects such as laying down walkways or stone paving to complement the look, creating an overall garden theme and improving your property tenfold.

A smaller water feature that can add beauty inside the home and (sentimental) value at least is an aquarium. All Pond Solutions stock all manner of fish tanks and accessories, including coffee table and column tanks – both a beautiful focal point and a space-saving feature.

photo by: Ian Sane

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