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by Editor on May 13, 2013

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So you’ve got the urge to invest some time and money in renovating your home eh? You’re not alone. As people begin to spend more time at home and less money and time outside, they’re more interested in making that time as enjoyable as possible by bringing the latest 2013 trends in home design into their home. If you’re looking for some of the latest trends for 2013, here are a few:

Some of the design ideas are based around adding more space or better utilization of space to your home and others are along the lines of adding new gadgetry to your home to improve your living experience. In a sense, both of them are related to advances in technology but some are rather more subjective than technology based..i.e. just based on what’s popular now. In a recent interview with City Vibe Contracting, a Toronto design build company the owner infromed us of the following trends that are taking the industry by storm in 2013:

Trend #1:

Make your home more maintenance free. Many aspects of your home use old technology which requires not only time to maintain but also on-going costs. Your yard is one area. It’s conceivable that you can find types of grass and/or shrubbery that is attractive but requires less care and attention from you.

Trend #2:

Add space where there was none before. Sometimes, with some careful planning, it’s possible to add yard space where there was none before. It’s not unusual for people to gain new backyard space by demolishing an unused garage or perhaps demolishing a rear part of the house that you no longer need. Or, a variation, change a back room into a back ‘sun-deck’ or partially covered patio area.

Trend #3:

This one is an idea. People are making conscious decisions to get serious about their hobbies and often it involves setting aside some dedicated room around the house. It might mean converting an unused bedroom into a room where dad can make model airplanes, or where mom and pursue her talents in watercolor painting, or perhaps where the whole family can engage in a favorite board game of some sort. It could be anything but the idea of having dedicated, customized space for it is the main thing.


Of course you’ve always got the old standard home renovation ideas of new siding, windows, doors, or perhaps a fence.

Trend #5

Security is ‘hot’ today. It’s not something that is necessarily ‘enjoyable’ but at least it gives the family the comfort of knowing that they’re better protected again break-ins, home invasions, etc. Home security is a huge topic too… i.e. there’s equipment, electronic systems and new design features at all price and complexity levels but no one can deny that law enforcement in many areas isn’t what it used to be so the more proactive you can be, the better off you are over time.

Trend #5:

The internet connected home. As the internet gets bigger and stronger, it has opened up a treasure chest of new entertainment and work possibilities at home. Home entertainment centers focused around streaming movie services and/or your own digital library are immensely and universally enjoyable. And of course the internet also makes working from home as well as or, in some cases, even better than working from an office.

Trend #6:

The last trend we’ll mention is the idea of ‘working from home’. More people are doing it. In some cases it’s because they’ve lost their regular jobs and they have no choice but in other cases it’s just retired or semi-retired people who want something to do. In either case, it’s nice to have a dedicated place in the home to do it properly and comfortably. Home offices come in all prices and levels of complexity but,more so than these other trends,the home office can actually be taken as a tax deduction whereas you can’t say that about most of these other idea.

Those are some 2013 trends in home design. If you’re building your own home, these are things you can design in from the ‘ground-up’. But they’re all ideas that can be accomplished as a remodelling project too. Either way, home is where the heart is so you may as well make it as friendly and comfortable as possible.

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