Home Security Suggestions to Fight New Age Criminals

by Editor on January 15, 2014

Home Security Suggestions to Fight New Age CriminalsCriminals target much more than your personal valuables, vehicles, and jewelry. Instead, now they go after your personal information, bank account numbers, and try steal your money through online scams, fraud, and illegal hacking tactics.

How do protect yourself, your family, and home against such criminals? Numerous security tips can help you fortify your local network and home against such identity thieves and criminals. You never know where your sensitive and personal information could end up.

For example, technological advanced criminals hack into large and small databases of banks, retails stores, and credit providers to steal personal information of consumers. The massive  Target data breach presents the latest case of hackers bypassing security measures and stealing information.

These same criminals take personal information, manufacture false credit cards with that info, and sell them for discounted rates on the black market. Buyers max out these credit cards at the expense of the person who had their info stolen.

In today’s society, you must not only protect hardware that stores personal information, but it’s important to take precautionary measures to safeguard that info from potential hackers and identity thieves. Secure your home entry points, garage doors, and even computers against intruders. What can you do at your home?

Fortify Home Internet Wi-Fi

The first step in protecting your personal info and home is through securing the local Wi-Fi network. Do not share your password with neighbors and be careful of setting an easily bypassed network key. Do not write down that security network key or password.

You never know if a home burglar could steal that info off the kitchen bulletin board or construction workers may copy the information when redoing the new bathroom. It’s impossible to determine what visitors in your house are liable to steal such information.

For other tips regarding home Wi-Fi security, contact your internet provider and consult with them about such security measures on their networks. It’s better to be overprotective than relaxed on this issue.

Avoid Sharing Information on Shared Unsecured Networks

When away from the home secured network, avoid conducting any business online that involves sensitive personal info. Such shared and unsecured networks at Starbucks, public libraries, and other Wi-Fi hot spots, do not offer the same security against intrusions.

Rather than leave your laptop or tablet vulnerable to hackers, store any sensitive or important info on external storage devices that are stored in a secured area such as safe. Don’t leave them anything to steal. Hide everything from plain sight.

Shred All Paper

Who would rummage through your trash? People can attain documents with personal info to use against you or sell those documents to known criminals who specialize in fraudulent activity. It’s of the utmost importance to shred every paper document with your name, address, or any type of personal information before disposing it.

Protect against Mail Thieves

Federal law prohibits stealing and reading another person’s mail. However, those laws do not stop criminals from stealing mail. Instead of dealing with potentially harmful consequences of stolen mail, protect yourself by investing in a locked and secured mailbox.

Safeguard Your Home’s Valuables and Hardware

Creating a secured Wi-Fi network and shredding documents isn’t enough to safeguard your personal info and valuables. Home owners shouldn’t worry as much about the actual items stolen. Rather they should be concerned over the information stored on that hardware.

Criminals target electronics such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and HD TVs. But the intrinsic and market value for those items and devices aren’t as great as the information stored.

Investing in a home security system could certainly benefit your house against possible burglaries and identity theft. Tennessee ADT Home Alarm Systems or other systems in your area, protect the home against criminals who aim at stealing electronic devices.

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