Home Security Is NOT A Luxury

by Editor on May 9, 2013

It’s easy to think that home security is something other people need. But in reality, many crimes are random, and you could be a victim. There’s no reason to feel scared or look over your shoulder in your own home, but it just makes sense to ensure that your home is as safe as it can be.

Some people think that only the largest, nicest homes get burglarized, but that’s not the case. These homes are often well-protected, so smart criminals target mid-range homes in neighborhoods where homeowners aren’t likely to be concerned about security.

Make Smart Choices

The first aspect of a total home security program is making smart choices. No home security system will do you any good if you make bad choices. Whether you have a home alarm or not, you need to make sure you lock all windows and doors, secure cat flaps and other obvious potential points of entry and use deadbolts that can’t be unlocked simply by breaking a window. Close garage doors and lock backyard gates too.

Personal security is important when entering or exiting the home too. Just as you would in mall parking lot, walk to and from your home — if you can’t exit through a garage — confidently and aware of your surroundings with your keys in hand. An attacker may not mess with someone who’s on their guard.

Installing a security system is a smart choice too. Since they’re affordable, easily installed, can protect both your life and your property and give you a way to maintain some control of your home when you’re out, why wouldn’t you have one?

Integrated Systems

A traditional home security system is all you need to help keep your family and your home’s contents safe.

In it’s simplest form, a system consists of a control panel, door sensors, window sensors or motion detectors and an audible alarm. For these installed devices to really do any good, however, you need professional monitoring. Some municipalities won’t respond to home alarms anymore because so many calls are false, so you need a security company that verifies break-ins, calls you and convinces police to respond as well.

Today’s integrated home systems can protect you and save you money in many ways too. Cameras can allow you to see for yourself through a computer or smart phone how your home is doing. Modern systems can also be tied into smoke alarms and basement flood alarms.

You can even install an integrated security and home control system that allows you to adjust the thermostat from a phone or turn on and off lights whenever you want — adding additional security, comfort and peace of mind to your homeownership experience.

A Final Thought

It’s unpleasant to be overly concerned with home and personal security, but it’s even worse to realize you could be doing more than you are now to stay safe and protect your hard-earned assets.

You know what’s in your home, and you know whether it’s worth protecting or not. Maybe you don’t feel much attachment to your possessions, but if you’re attached to your spouse, children and pets, you need a home security system to help keep them safe.

About the Author

Brian Talley is an Austin REALTOR® and the CEO of Regent Property Group, a boutique real estate brokerage specializing in Austin luxury homes and waterfront properties on Lake Austin.


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