Home Improvements Fit Even For Stately Mansions

by Editor on May 13, 2013


We all dream of maybe one day living in a stately home with all you can need and lots of space but the majority have to be a lot more modest in regard to where we live. We don’t always have all the space we would like at home and we can’t always decorate them and equip them with all the facilities we would like, but we can still get our homes good looking and comfortable. When it comes to home improvements we will often be limited in what we can do but there are still some improvements you will find in a normal home that would not look out of place in a stately mansion.


You don’t need to live in a mansion to have a conservatory and even some quite small homes could have one attached. With glass walls and roofs the conservatory makes an ideal place to enjoy the beauty of the garden while being protected from the elements at the same time. They are perfect for plant lovers as the plentiful sunshine will help plants to flourish, or the conservatory could simply be kept as a bright and airy room which the whole family can enjoy. You can find conservatories built onto even the most modest of terrace houses, or on grand estates belonging to the very wealthy.


You will need a reasonably sized garden to have a gazebo but many modest sized homes have gardens that are plenty large enough. Gazebos are great for getting some shade from the sun and a great place to gather together and enjoy each other’s company. They can make an ideal place for the kids to play or maybe somewhere for a romantic meal with a bottle of wine in the evening. You will not only find gazebos in the back gardens of city houses but also within the lands of great country mansions. Often with enormous tracts of land on country estates, the gazebo makes for welcome shade from the sun when you are far from the main house.

Games Rooms

If you think that your terraced house could not possibly accommodate a games room, you may be surprised. Many homes have cellars that are not used or attics that do nothing but store a few boxes of items and either of these could be converted. Because a cellar is underground it automatically offers some noise insulation to help keep the rest of the home quiet where a loft conversion will help to keep people out of other people’s way. You may not have the room for full sized snooker tables as you would find in luxurious mansions but you could still have plenty of room for other equipment such as dart boards, gaming machines and maybe even a pool table. If you do find yourself bored at times or that the kids are under your feet all the time, you may be able to build a games room much like those in stately mansions, albeit a bit smaller.

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