Home Improvement: What Colors Mean?

by Editor on June 13, 2013


You can creatively decorate your home with beautiful colors and other interior decor items to spice it up. No matter the size, their is never a restriction of what to do and what not to do with your living room, or bedroom, for that matter.  If you plan to venture into interior house painting, then you need to know exactly what’s the meaning of the colors you intend to use, plus their effects as well. You see, colors have effects, and so having inappropriate colors in the interiors of your home could spoil up things. Let me show you what you didn’t know.

1 Orange

Orange is not just the color of a ripe banana, there’s more to it than you thought. It is often said that orangecolor expands your thinking, and enables you to express yourself with confidence. If you want to feel youngerand happier, then you could use it in your home, because it’s the color of laughter and celebration. Try it outon your household items and feel the effect.

2 Deep blue
They say deep blue encourages efficiency. It lets you think critically and only concentrate on things thatmatter in your life.

3 Green
Being the only color associated with wealth, it is believed to encourage individuals honor their unique talentsand manifest them in the physical world. You can try it on your front door-The one facing your beautifulgarden, or you could even have green sofa set for your living room.

4 Light purple

The color of spirituality gives you a deeper sense of humanity. It takes your emotions to the next level, whileit encourages you to bond with friends and family at a deeper level. It enhances your compassion, so that youcan love more. Don’t you think it would be a great idea to include it as a complement to your home interiordecor-maybe you should get a light purple door mat.

Since your living room is where you spend quality of your time at, it’s only fair that you decorate itappropriately, and part of that decoration involves colors. You can spruce up your living room in preparationfor summer byjust adding a splash of colors and re-organizing your furniture.

There are more than 101 things we can say about the role of colors in our homes. According to LindaNigbur-the store manager of Nigbur’s Fine Furniture Inc. in Wausau, the only way to make some quickadjustments in your living room is through colors.

She asserts that you don’t have to paint the whole house, in order to achieve the fully functional effects ofbeautiful colors. Just a splash, and a bit of rearranging here and there will do the trick. If your room is smaller in size, you could eliminate some accessories and replace them with one or two new items to alternate the feel of the room.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive affair either. Think about the pillows for the sofa, think about your beddingand mats. All these are perfect candidates for a wild switch in colors and designs.

Again, you could do something with your bedroom, and bathroom mirrors too. You could consider replacingthese old boring mirrors with something that is trendy and glorious. One way to do that is to use coloredframes on your mirrors. Alternatively, you could use a variety of interesting shapes and it will change

Adding a fresh coat of paint on your front door creates a welcoming aura to guests who visit your home quiteoften. A brightly colored door mat makes it feel more welcoming than a dull one.  When it comes to rearranging your living room, replacing heavy items with sheers will give its interior a lighter

But you should consider bringing nature indoors. An arrangement of spring flowers like gerbera daisies inyour living room will put up a smile on your face all day long-says Mindy Hoppe (interior designer with Inner
Piece Interiors of Wausau).

Many people are looking for ways to decorate their homes inexpensively. If you are one of them, i hope youfound this article very helpful.

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This article was written by Paul Tinsley who is a painter and decorator.  He does great work and can help with your painting and home decorating needs.

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