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by Editor on May 8, 2013

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If you love your existing home, but just want a different look, a home remodeling project can be an inexpensive alternative to  buying a new home with the look that you desire.

Will a remodel raise the value of the house?

A remodel can be hazardous to the value of your house,  if you go overboard in materials.  Keep in mind the original value of your home, the neighborhood in where you are located, and ask yourself if you would be able to recoup the money spent in your remodel, if you were to sell your home.

A kitchen really is the hub of a home. It is where you gather with friends and family and share memories, whether cooking meals together, or just gathering around the table for meals.  There are endless possibilities in remodeling a kitchen, whether you want to spend a little, or a lot of money.

What are the main features to remodel in a kitchen?

You can remodel a kitchen and its interior design either by updating wall color, light fixtures, flooring, cabinets, appliances, or simply installing more modern countertops.  If you have a fairly large budget for remodeling, you may consider gutting the entire kitchen and doing a complete remodel.  Just keep in mind that a kitchen remodel can take several weeks to complete, you will want to be sure that you can manage without your normal accessible kitchen, temporarily.

Laying out your remodel plans

First you will want to draw up a plan as to what features you would like to add to your new kitchen.

You will want to visit at least a couple different home improvement centers for cost estimates, also include labor if you are not doing the remodel yourself. Also, depending on the amount of money you have to spend, you may just want to do a few updates at a time.

Decide the type of look you want in your new kitchen.  Do you prefer new cabinets, or would refinishing your existing cabinets be an alternative.  There are many types of wood cabinets to choose from, depending on the style of kitchen you have.  Another alternative might be painting existing cabinets, you can do this in any color of your choice.

Choose your countertop material.  There are several types of material from granite to formica.  Be sure to consider the durability of the material, you want something that you will not be replacing in a few short years.

Updating light fixtures can be easily done simply by replacing with chandeliers, sconce lighting, or recessed lights.  Be sure when choosing lighting, the fixture can withstand the necessary wattage of a bulb that you will need for your particular area.

Flooring comes in all different styles these days.  Even linoleum flooring comes in more modern styles than the old fashioned linoleum.  Tile and hardwood are good choices, many of these floors are easy to do yourself projects, and some hardwood looks are simply a matter of cutting and snapping the pieces together.

Finally, look at different wall color options.  Is the space big enough for a darker color, or would you prefer to brighten it up with very pale neutral colors.  There are many options in color, depending on your particular style.

Remodeling can be very hectic, but in the long run, a remodeled kitchen can be the center attraction of a home, and will in most cases add the most value of any other remodel.  Thanks to companies like Covenant Construction and many others, building projects like these do not have to taken on sinlge handedly; neverthless this is a good starting point should you want to try.

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