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by Senior Editor on January 21, 2013


With spring here and summer upon us, many start the spring cleaning process. While we are cleaning up, we might start thing about various projects we would like to have done around the house from completing the garden with a stone path, or perhaps installing kitchen cabinets or turning one of the closets in the master bedroom into a walk-in-closet. It’s perfectly normal to dream and fantasize about improving our homes and thus our lives; making us happier in the long run.

Why A Home Improvement Credit Card?

It seems as quickly as we begin to dream and visualize our homes with the improvements that we start to become weary of the money and how we would pay for the improvements and the bubble busts leaving us in a grumpier mood than ever. Does this sound familiar? Is so, there may be a solution lurking in the shadows that you might not have considered. There are home improvement credit cards available specifically for the various projects that would improve your home and thus your happiness.

A home improvement credit card allows the homeowner to undergo a huge project without having to purchase the entire project out of pocket, but rather in installments, allowing families to not take a huge financial hit, where budgets may seem overwhelming. To this end, the home improvement credit cards, allow families to make an investment on their homes; increasing the value, without the hassle of continuously stopping and starting projects due to financial restrictions. Just like your typical credit card, there are many various cards aimed to serve certain purposes while offering families the best options.

Which Card Is Best?

If all materials are going to be bought specifically in one store, then a consumer credit card may be the best option such as Home Depot, Lowes, or Menards. However, if many stores are going to be utilized from appliances to materials, one might consider a bank credit card such as Home Projects Visa, Discover More, or the Home Advantage MasterCard. Each credit card offers unique benefits that could be suitable for a homeowner to take advantage.

For instance, the Home Advantage MasterCard offered by Bank of America allows families to pay down their mortgage. The card is based on a point system, where every dollar spent in purchases, receives one point. Once 5,000 points are collected, they can be redeemed for cash and put directly onto the mortgage. The Home Projects Visa is an open line of credit (for those applicable), where quality financing is offered on Home projects and special deals and rates for projects in the areas of lawn and garden, pools, fencing, and other outdoor purchases.

The benefits of having such a card could be enormous and offer the flexibility one needs to begin that home improvement project you have always dreamed. In turn, you can find the home of your dreams this year. There are hundreds of home improvement cards, offering many options and each provide a unique benefit to the project and family. Start searching today for the perfect card for you and tomorrow you could be well on your way to completing the home improvement project you have always dreamed of finishing.

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