Hire A Long Distance Moving Company To Help You Move When You’re Sick

by Editor on June 7, 2013


It always happens when you have something important you want to do, or worse still, had to do. That was the case for me recently when I succumbed to the mighty flu while working out the details of relocating my family to our new home. I knew I needed a relocation company fast!

Moving from one area to another should be easy for a married couple because one can take over when a spouse is temporarily side-lined. Unfortunately, for me, my wife had travelled abroad to sort out some issues at work and I had assured her that everything would be sorted out by the time she returns. Nevertheless, my flu decided this was the perfect moment to attack and I was left with no extra assistance to make this province to province move a success.

With increased competition in moving industry, top-notch services are easy to find amongst long distance movers. The differential provided by each company though, is the ticket to sorting out which company is best suited for your particular needs. In my case I just asked a colleague and they referred me as I was too sick to do much else.

Pricing and Extra Services

One certain thing learned about all these long distance moving companies was the fact that they all had different rates. The pricing was not exactly high but neither was it too cheap to consider a Do-it-Yourself relocation. In my current health condition, I was willing to spend extra and resettle quickly, efficiently, safely and without too much stress. The doctor himself used the ‘no stress’ phrase but in my current situation, a little stress or nervousness would be present, it couldn’t be avoided altogether!

The moving company offered two services: basic and custom. The basic service would be to walk into my house, pack everything for my wife, my children, and me, and then transport it to our new home. The custom services involved providing specially crafted cases to transport any fragile items, for example my wife’s glassware and china, or easily damageable items such as paintings. When they said “anything I needed would be provided in a professional and cost effective manner”. With my illness draining my strength, those words helped that company clinch the opportunity to move my family.

Long distance moving outcome

As promised, the company provided a personal consultant who helped me plan the move and all the potential pitfalls we needed to avoid. The moving company then sent their staff to do all the packing and uninstalling of appliances around the house. All the insurance cover paperwork was provided and duly signed and the long distance moving process began. I would advise other people to make sure they get a personal consultant as that really helps to know what is essential for successful relocation without a lot of stress.

At the end, our belongings arrived at our new house quickly and safely and the movers again offloaded everything and installed appliances according to my specifications. My illness had threatened to hinder the move but the long distance movers provided everything to get me where I needed to be. I was able to get a lot of rest during the early stages as it was all going to be packed up.

On the day of the move I was sitting with a cup of hot tea wrapped up watching them all work away. My friend drove me and the children, and we stopped overnight as we couldn’t fly because of my illness. This wasn’t too bad as I could sleep until we got there. All was unpacked in the rooms and my wife arrived to find me lying in bed with a hot toddy and feeling much better.It was a happy end of our long distance journey!

About the Author

George Farmer is an event planner and specialises in events for small businesses, he writes about events and moving for site Smart Movers Canada as he has had to move for work and family purposes.

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