Here’s 5 Ways To Help Unlock The Hidden Value Of Your Home

by Editor on May 3, 2013

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If you are trying to sell your house in this down market like many other sellers, you are most probably concerned about your house sitting on the market for a very long time only to take an unwanted loss when it finally sells.

There is still a way to come out on top, as long as you understand that it is a buyers’ market. Just take a moment to come up with an effective plan before you execute in order to sell your house quickly at a good price.

One of the best resources you can use to discover ways to increase the value of your house is your real estate agent. He/she would know what your house is missing. It is in fact there job to find value in a house and highlight it to a potential buyer.

Ask your real estate agent to walk with you around and through your home and reveal the small things that can be changed to bring improvements. Remember, “short-time pain is a long-term gain.” A little bit of effort you put in the beginning can result in huge return at closing.

Outlined below are 5 easy ways to prepare your home for sale in order to achieve the highest possible sale value in the smallest amount of time:

1. Cleaning

This might seem pretty obvious but there is virtually nothing that makes a bigger impression on a buyer than walking into a home that looks clean and fresh. Every area of your house must shine and sparkle! Every minute you spend will be worth it. Would you ever dash to get a pair of dirty shoes? Would you rather purchase a clean car, or a filthy one?

  • Wash your walls
  • Vacuum your carpets and rugs
  • Clean and polish the wooden, linoleum and tile floors.
  • Clean your mirrors and windows. This helps make the home sparkle.
  • Polish the woodwork. Pay attention to bathroom and kitchen cabinets.
  • Mop the floor
  • Polish your furniture, if possible.
  • Clean all light fixtures
  • Polish the taps

2. Repairs

If something needs restoration, don’t hesitate to fix it! There are a number of things you are most likely to become used to with the passage of time, things that you might have been promising yourself to attend to.

Now is the time! Normally, buyers add up the repairing cost of all those minor defects and come up with an amount that is higher than what it would actually cost you to get the repairs done.  Unattended small flaws will either lengthen the selling time or lower the purchase price. Check the walls for loose wall papers and peeling paint.

Today’s approach of vigilant professional house inspection and open disclosure, the rule is to treat a potential client as you would yourself. Don’t delay repairing faulty systems, and never hide anything about the property.

3. Maintain Neutrality

This policy has evidently worked wonders for Switzerland, and it can definitely work in real estate. Customizing your house according to your personal style is great only if you plan to stay there. However, themed rooms and extreme colors might scare off prospective homebuyers.

If you have modified each room with exceedingly dark or bright paint, wall fixtures, or wallpaper, you might want to think about toning it down a little. Use neutral colors on your walls. This will help potential buyers form their own vision for the home. Moreover, it will leave considerably less work to undo when they purchase the house.

4. Atmosphere

The overall atmosphere of the house plays a very important role. Consider your sense of smell when going through the check list. It is necessary to create an atmosphere that represents your house as a shelter, a home that is warm and safe.

A fresh smelling house appeals to the buyer. Be aware of any sort of odors from cigarette, cooking, pets, etc., which might have adverse effects on the residents. Some people tend to be less sensitive to smells than others. For instance, smokers rarely detect the smell of tobacco, and pet owners might be oblivious to unpleasant doggy odor.

You can use different products like air freshener, carpet deodorizers, and room deodorizers to cope with this problem. However, it is recommended to remove the actual source of smell instead of covering it up.

Have cooking and smoking odors permeated your house? Have your furniture and carpet cleaned, and dry-clean or air out your drapes! Mold or mildew odor is another no-no. Avoid piling up wet towels in hampers or dirty laundry in closets.

Do you know that certain smells (e.g., fresh flowers, cinnamon, and baked bread) trigger positive response in human? Once you get rid of offensive odors, add delightful ones!

5. Staging

This is in fact the most fun part of preparing your house for sale. It entails the use of lighting, color and accessories to enhance the finest features of your house.

  • Study furniture showrooms or magazine ads to have a clear picture of what makes a room more appealing and attractive. The effect of an open book on a coffee table, a flower vase, or a basket full of birch logs placed by the fireplace, can make a big difference.
  • Let sunlight into your house! Replace heavy drapes with sheer white ones.
  • Use brightly colored pillows to add dimension to a colorless room.
  • Use natural light to your advantage. Add lighting and lamps where necessary. Make sure that every fixture is clean and each bulb is functioning properly.
  • Add a pot of petunias, a basket full of impatiens, or a pot of petunias on the front steps of your house to add a welcoming touch.
  • If you have a deck or porch, set the stage with well arranged furniture and pots of flowers.
  • Hang a wreath made of dried flowers on your front door if you are trying to sell your house in winter.

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