Have You Looked At The State Of Your Bathroom Or Kitchen Tiles Lately

by Editor on May 13, 2013


Have you ever had guests over to your house and have rigorously cleaned your property throughout in preparation for their arrival? If you like to think that your home is always spotless, but you also like to get things looking extra spic and span for visitors, do you always remember to look at the smaller issues that may exist within your home?

For example, do you take the time to examine the state of your kitchen and bathroom tiles? This is an area of the home that you may not think to look at, as most people expect that they will need to pay more attention to the floors, upholstery and surfaces in their home.

However, over time, grease, dirt and grime can slowly build up on the tiles within these rooms, leaving them looking unclean. You might also notice that the grouting between the tiles in your bathrooms or kitchen begins to look aged, possibly taking on a brown or greenish hue. This is caused by dirt and mould that adheres to this part of the tile, but it can be easily rectified.

So, if you would like to get started on cleaning the tiles in your bathroom or kitchen areas, consider using some of these hints and tips:

Assess the situation

Before you start with the cleaning, always take a look at the state of the tiles first. This can help you to figure out just how big a job you will be dealing with. You should look at the tiles themselves to see what kind of condition they are in, and also look out for the appearance of any mould.

Notice the colour of the tiles and the grouting. This will tell you what has caused the change in colour. If brown stains have appeared, this is due to high iron content in the water. Green stains can be caused by hard water, which is a regional variation. Both issues can be easily rectified though.

Scrub the tiles

Now it’s time to get down to the business of actually cleaning the tiles. Focus on them first and leave the grouting for the time being. Scrub them down with a generic washing up sponge and use soap and hot water first. If this does nothing, move on to using a bathroom or kitchen cleaner.

You can also use natural remedies such as white vinegar or baking soda, both of which can be highly successful and eco friendly.

Tackle the grouting

By now you should have managed to clean your tiles, so it is time to look at the grouting. You can either use vinegar, baking soda paste or a professional cleaning solution to get your grouting back to its usual colouring, but you should be aware that you will also need lots of elbow grease!

Call in the professionals

If you find that the job is simply too big to manage on your own, or if you would rather have someone what truly knows what they are doing tackle it for you, you can always call in the professionals. Many companies will be able to offer a kitchen and bathroom tile cleaning service for a reasonable price.

So, will you be taking in the state of your tiles from now on?

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