Best Time of Year to Start Planning Your Above Ground Pool Installation

by Editor on January 10, 2014

installing concrete base for pool deck installation IMG_1662Planning your pool early has some definite advantages. You will need to take the planning process step by step to ensure the size, style and location of the pool will fit your needs throughout the warmer seasons of the year. Most people will also need to have an outside water source installed near the pool to fill it when summer arrives. Planning your pool during the winter is advisable. Some people find that prices are also more affordable during the winter months, ensuring you have everything you need for the installation once spring arrives.

Budget and Location

Budgeting is an important factor for most families planning an above ground pool installation. One of the advantages of purchasing your above ground pool and necessary supplies in the off-season is that you can find lower prices on most items. The autumn and winter are both excellent seasons to find deals on all types of pool equipment. You can also stock up on supplies, such as pool filter supplies and water additives, beforehand to ensure you are prepared for the summer months when the pool is in use.

The location for your pool will need to be prepared before the installation can take place. Autumn, winter and spring are usually the slowest months for construction companies, making it an ideal time to make an appointment. You will have service faster and be able to work with the company to create the perfect space for your pool instead of rushing through the process. You may need to wait until spring if you live in a region where the ground remains frozen during winter but you can make your appointment and have an estimate well in advance of spring if you make time to call a contractor during the winter.

Shipping and Installation

You can have your above ground pool and any supplies that you need delivered to your home at any time of the year. If you do purchase your pool and supplies in advance of summer, cover the pool with plastic sheeting or store it in a covered garage or shed to protect it from the elements until it is time to install the pool. The shipping process can take several weeks, depending on where you purchase you pool and whether you have chosen to add custom features. For instance, pool companies can create a pool that includes steps, seats or other special features when you choose a custom fiberglass pool. Shopping early in spring or during winter ensures your pool is made and ready to be shipped before warm weather arrives.

The installation may only take a few days if you have made an appointment before summer arrives. After the ground has been prepared for the pool, you will need to place the pool and fill it with water. You should know your local laws and any regulations that you may need to follow before the installation is completed. Most homeowners plan to build a fence and deck around their above ground pool, for instance. You may need to have a building permit to complete these tasks. Planning your pool in advance is one of the simplest ways to ensure you have everything in order before summer.

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