Green Guide To The Powder Room

by Editor on May 3, 2013

Powder Room

It’s fun to notice the state and fashion of a person’s bathroom. Anytime I go to a party or visit someone’s house, I take note of the water closet décor. While it may be nosy to scope out the details of someone’s personal space, it is an interesting way to study values. Observing style can also be a source of inspiration. For example, in attempting to be more environmentally conscious, small gestures of environmental kindness began to catch my eye. While at a party in a modern, stylish couple’s uptown apartment, I noticed some little ways to contemporize the bathroom and give it an eco-forward yet smoothly aesthetic appeal. Here are some tips to help you create a fun, green living space in your bathroom.

Aerators: If you have never experienced bathroom aerators, I suggest you check them out. They save a huge amount of the wet stuff by adding air to the stream, making a smaller amount of water work just as efficiently as a regular faucet. It’s pretty neat, because you can just attach one to your bathroom sink or bathtub. After a high-efficiency aerator is installed, almost no maintenance is required. They also give the water that flows from the faucet a luxurious texture. Water touches your skin in an even, soft stream that you and your guests will love. Aerating water also reduces the amount of energy used to heat it. The great thing about this technology is that it is cool and useful at the same time.

Quaint Containers: Putting your hygiene products in reusable jars can give your bathroom a rustic, “green” aesthetic. You can save money and reduce waste by buying these things in bulk quantities and just refilling your vintage jars. Things like cotton swabs and cotton balls will look cuter in sleek containers than in boxes from the store. Line up your jars along a shelf by a window and the sun will illuminate the glass for a soft, natural appeal. Recycled containers will also allow you to de-clutter and organize your space, giving your bathroom a more simplified look.

Eco Toilet: Water-saving toilets are surprisingly chic. They have a smooth, contemporary look that works well in a modern bathroom. Toilets with varied flush options are nice because they give you the opportunity to save H2O if you so choose. Opting for an eco toilet also makes a statement to your guests about your attitude toward the environment. Being conscious about conservation is considerate toward others and the Earth, while also being progressive and hip. Installing environmental devices won’t just contribute stylistically; it will also help you save money each month on your bills. What better way to modernize than saving resources and money at the same time?

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