Good Movers VS Bad Movers

by Editor on June 6, 2013


Moving your home or business is an arduous task at the best of times and an experienced man and van service can be the difference between a nightmare relocation and one that is plain sailing. For a variety of reasons, a number of people have had the misfortune of being the victims of unprofessional movers, and what follows below are some examples of what you would like to avoid.

Arriving on time:

Time is of the essence when planning a move, whether it be for business or residential purposes as one might have to take time off work. There may also be a deadline for vacating your current premises, which is why it is of the utmost importance for movers to arrive at the pre-arranged time. What you do not want is the man and van showing up 24 hours late, or not at all. To avoid this happening make sure you find a reputable relocation service to keep your moving plans on schedule.

What vehicle do they offer?

When moving all your worldly possessions it stands to reason that you would prefer it to be transported in a vehicle that is roadworthy and able to do the job. What you do not want is a van or truck that is falling apart and unable to handle loads associated with moving, otherwise all your precious belongings might end up strewn across the dual carriageway on the M4. A simple way in which to avoid this is to do a quick visual inspection of the vehicle to satisfy yourself that the unthinkable will not happen.

How they should not treat your belongings:

It is fine for people to have interests outside of their work but when it comes to being a man with a van it is considered best to leave the football skills at home, especially when it comes to loading goods into the back of the vehicle. There are few things worse than unpacking after a move to find that your belongings have been kicked and flung around like cheap toys. This type of treatment of boxes containing your valuables will result in you finding a hole in your flat-screen TV or your grandma’s china reduced to powder.

Are they professional?

Looking the part cannot be underestimated and being dressed correctly for whatever position instils a certain sense of confidence in any client. Furthermore, the way in which movers behave within your home while moving your belongings is very important. For example, although you might be moving out of a property you still expect it to be respected and not have couches bashed into walls or doors knocked off their frames. Maintaining the general structural integrity of the building is generally a good start and the same applies to the property you are moving into.

To find the best man and van for the job conduct thorough research and, in the process, you will ensure that you have a smooth relocation experience.  Doing research on the internet is the best way to find the best man and van.

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