Good Design Tips For Smaller Spaces

by Editor on May 30, 2013

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Are you trying to decorate a small home that has only a limited amount of space? This is a challenge even for those who are in the business professionally. You wonder whether you will have room for all of the beautiful Moran furniture that you want to buy. You fear that you might not have space for the La-Z-Boy recliner that you’ve always wanted to own. While decorating with a small space can be tricky, it is not impossible. The following are some of the simplest and best design tips that you can employ when you are working in a small space. Use these in your own life and see just how helpful they are!

Consider the Scale

You will always want to think about the scale of your space and the furniture. When you use smaller furniture in smaller spaces, it is going to make the place feel larger. For example, if you added a large sofa for a small room, it is going to dominate the space, which is the last thing that you want. Think smaller pieces with a small room, and you will be on the right track.

Cleaning is Vital in Small Spaces

You will find that keeping a small space clean is going to be essential to making it feel as though you have more space. On the other hand, a messy and cluttered space is going to feel cramped and uncomfortable.

Consider Some Quality Storage

When you have a smaller place, you will always be looking for places to store items, such as magazines and books. Consider some storage options that go up rather than out, such as taller bookshelves that go all the way to the ceiling. You can also find some coffee tables and ottomans that have special extra storage space.

Arrange and Rearrange

While it’s always a good idea to have a map of how you want to arrange the furniture in your space, be prepared to make changes. Even though things might look great on paper and in your head, you will find that it might not always work so wonderfully in reality. Be ready to rearrange a bit until you are happy with the way that the home looks and feels.

Plan for How You Live

If you have most of your meals in the living room, as so many people today do, then why are you furnishing your dining area with traditional dining furniture? You might find that it is a better option to repurpose that space. For example, you could have a work desk in the area where the dining table would have gone. Doing so will free up other space in your house and will give it a larger appearance.

Storage beneath the Bed

Whether you have a traditional Sealy bed or some other type of bed, look for some storage options that you will be able to use below the bed. Even some plastic containers for clothes that you might not wear often can work. They can slide beneath the bed and reduce your need for a dresser in the room.

Mirrors are another great way to give the illusion of having more space, and they can do wonders for the room. These are just a few tips that will help to make it easier for you to live big in a small space. You will be able to find plenty of ways that you can make the most out of your space no matter how small it might be.

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