Going Retro: Why Vintage Designs Are Making A Comeback

by Editor on May 8, 2013

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Take a look at any interior magazine or Pinterest board, and the current trend in home design should be immediately obvious: retro. From the glam of the ‘20s to the funk of the ‘80s, blasts from the past are now appearing in homes across the country. Yet vintage looks are easy to get wrong, and there is a fine line between a homage to a bygone time and simply making your home look dated. So how do you make sure you are on the right side of that dividing line? Here is your room by room guide to following the latest vintage fashion trends for your home, making sure your house looks darling and not dated.

Kitsch in the kitchen

The kitchen is actually the easiest place to incorporate retro designs simply because you can mix and match modern and retro much more easily in the kitchen environment. From kitsch diner signs to cute salt and pepper shakers, little odd additions to your kitchen will give it personality and make it look fresh. If you have a modern kitchen and want to give it a retro twist, then inject a little colour with red checkered tablecloths and maybe even a little bunting for good measure. It will look cute and give your kitchen a little bit of a face lift if you are in-between fittings.

Bespoke in the bedroom

Your bedroom should be an area of relaxation, so why not harken back to a time of rich fabrics and sensual styling. With just a few touches, you can turn your bedroom from plain and boring to a ‘20s boudoir in no time at all. Opt for curtains made of rich and dark fabrics like red velvet as interior designs: they might cost more than the average curtain but they pull the double duty of looking fabulous while also blocking out light very well. When it comes to your bed, more is always more. Add extra pillows, a runner and some expensive bedding to give it a luxurious feel. When you drop into your bed at the end of the day, there is nothing better than falling into a paradise of soft cushions and warm blankets. Other little touches can look great as well as providing excellent functionality. Why not have an ottoman at the end of your bed with a mirror facing it: you instantly have a place to get ready in the morning, and you can store things in ottomans to get rid of any unnecessary clutter.

Retro living in the living room

Retro living rooms are pretty easy to create because most cheap furniture outlets nowadays like Ikea often have ‘50s inspired retro seats and couches, sometimes specifically for interior improvement. Instead of going for an ordinary leather sofa, why not opt for a rounded, brightly-coloured ‘50s style loveseat? It will have character and you can build your entire living room out from it. Go bold with colour and again, mix in the modern to great a perfect balance. Brightly striped rugs and a vinyl player will add the accents you need to make your retro lounge a great place to relax, day or night.

Overall touches

Adding a vintage look to your home design is all about mixing in old with new: just a few vintage-style pieces can give your home the necessary look—you need not go overboard by making sure every single item is not anachronistic. As a final tip, vary your time periods throughout the house. If you make every room look like it is from the ‘80s, you may end up feeling like you live in a themed hotel and not a home. Mix and match, and you will conquer the vintage trend with ease.

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