Glass Shower Doors Or Shower Curtains?

by Editor on May 14, 2013


If you are a homeowner and are looking to make improvements, the bathroom is one place that can add value to your home. If you are looking to update your bathroom, one of the most popular improvements is to replace shower curtains with glass doors for the tub area. But depending on your budget, the décor and your long term plans for the home, one option may be better than the other. Here are some issues to consider when making a choice.

Advantages of Shower Curtains

If you are looking to make a quick change in your bathroom at almost no cost changing the shower curtains is a quick and easy alternative. Shower curtains can be purchased for as little as $1.00 and you can change them yourself. The places that carry shower curtains are varied and usually convenient. Department stores, hardware stores, variety stores and even supermarkets may carry shower curtains. Changing shower curtains is easy if you decide to redecorate. There are literally thousands of patterns, colors and styles of shower curtains at prices from cheap to expensive. The choice is practically unlimited. Unlike shower doors, shower curtains can be put up by anyone, no expertise is required.

Issues with Shower Curtains

However there are some limitations on using shower curtains. They don’t keep water in the tub area as well as doors. Over time, they tend to develop soap residue and dirt and they are difficult if not impossible to remove. If not dried properly they can develop mold or mildew. If you are thinking of re-selling your home, shower curtains do not add value to a bathroom and may in fact reduce the appeal of the bathroom. Shower curtains are not considered as modern or up-to-date as attractive glass shower doors. Furthermore, there may be an issue with the chemicals used in plastic shower curtains.

Glass Shower Doors Add Value and Luxury

Glass shower doors add a touch of luxury to a bathroom, especially if they are a modern updated style. They contain the water causing less mess in the bathroom. Glass shower doors are a long term investment. They will last for years without needing replacement unlike shower curtains. If soap builds up on the doors, they can be cleaned with window cleaner. Modern glass shower doors will definitely add more value to your home than shower curtains especially if you are looking to re-sell. Unless you want a totally new style, these doors can match just about any décor.

Problems with Glass Shower Doors

The major downside to glass shower doors is cost. They require expert installation in addition to the higher overall price. For doors that have tracks, accumulation of moisture and soil can lead to mildew. Tracks have to be regularly cleaned. Glass breakage has been an issue with older shower doors. A strong collision with the doors could lead to breakage and possible injury. However, modern doors have tempered glass. If it shatters, it breaks into small pellets reducing chances of injury.


About the Author

Peter Wendt is a journalist and homebuilder from Austin, Texas.  Whenever he is designing the new bathrooms, Wendt always puts in glass shower doors, he finds them more aesthetically pleasing. Wendt buys the glass from this Austin glass company that has unlimited amounts of glass.

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