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by Editor on May 6, 2013


Over time the exterior of a home begins to take damage. The paint fades. The doors and windows look outdated. The gutters begin to sag. All of these issues detract from the appearance and value of the home. One way that homeowners can make changes is through a remodel of the home’s exterior. There are a myriad of options when it comes to home improvement available for homeowners, from simple and relatively cheap solutions, to full scale remodels and additions. If you are in the market to spruce up the appearance of your home, here are some options to consider.

Doors And Gutters

New doors and gutters are not necessarily the flashiest changes that a homeowner can make, but they are the most cost effective and have a number of benefits beyond just changing the home’s appearance. Through the years the style of doors changes, and a door that looked good in the 1970s does not really fit with the construction trends of the 21st century. A new door can be added to admit more light and make the home seek more welcoming. More modern doors and other interior design changes also help homeowners save money by being more energy efficient than older doors, keeping conditioned air inside the home and not allowing that air to escape into the outside. Gutters are another relatively cheap remodeling option. Replacing gutters can eliminate the appearance of rust and make a home look well taken care of. New gutters also have the benefit of ensuring that water is being kept off the roof and other parts of the exterior of the house in the most effective way possible.


A more expensive choice consumers can make is to replace siding. Replacing siding or covering paint with vinyl siding is a large undertaking, but one that will completely change the exterior of the home. New siding makes a home look fresh and new, while providing the additional benefit of increasing the home’s energy efficiency.

A New Addition

The most extreme home remodeling includes building a new addition onto the house. This is a significant investment and is not the right choice for every homeowner. New home additions can be used by the family to increase the number of bedrooms available to add new places for guests to gather. A new addition can dramatically increase the value of the home.

Homeowners have several decisions to make when considering an exterior home remodel. Even homeowners on a limited budget can change the appearance of their home by changing the doors and gutters, while larger projects can dramatically increase the value of the home. No matter what size project the homeowner wishes to pursue, they should always work in conjunction with a qualified contractor to make sure the homeowner’s vision can become a reality.

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