Getting The Right Domestic Boiler Parts For Your Home Heating System

by Editor on May 24, 2013


We all enjoy being able to sit in the warmth of our home with the heating acting as an escape for the often dreary conditions outside.

From time to time however that domestic bliss can turn into a frozen nightmare, when for whatever reason the boiler decides to pack in, leaving us with the horrible scenario of either sitting in our woolly jumpers and coats, or sitting in the freezing cold accompanied by a soundtrack of chattering teeth.

Here I look at what to do in such an occurrence, offering advice on picking up the right domestic boiler parts for your unit and who you should bring in in order to fix your heating system.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Many energy firms will offer special package deals on boiler maintenance so it is perhaps worth considering this if you haven’t done already.

Although it may seem like an extra cost, the money it could save in the event of a breakdown far outweighs the outlay.

The Best Places To Pick Up Domestic Boiler Parts

Of course even regular maintenance doesn’t guarantee the boiler will work 100% without the risk of breaking down or a malfunction.

In such instances you may need to order in some replacement parts. When it comes to domestic boiler parts there are a number of physical stores specialising in parts and spares.

Alternatively, there are also plenty of online specialists offering the parts. While this is often a good way to find domestic boiler parts at a cheaper rate, it does mean you may have to wait one or two days before receiving the part.

Finding The Right Domestic Boiler Parts For Your Unit

When it comes to ordering domestic boiler parts you also need to keep in mind that different parts fit different models, while some stores may offer generic parts designed to fit a number of models, it is best to have the instruction book to hand. This will give you the manufactures model number as well as the brand name, giving you a more accurate way to describe the boiler to the salesperson in the store.

Going to a store is obviously usual useful in this sense as you can discuss with the salesperson exactly what part you need. Online you will need to find a number to call in order to discuss the relevant parts needed, unless the site has a feature allowing real time chat with a representative of the store.

Carrying Out Maintenance Work

When it comes to any maintenance though, unless you are a fully trained engineer, you will need to call someone in. The reason for this is simple enough, while you may be completely confident in your own ability to get the job done, if something does happen you won’t be covered. This could potentially lead to very expensive repair work being needed, not to mention the prospect of a chilly home until someone is available!

In the past you would have needed to call in a Corgi Registered Engineer to do any installation work. This has now changed to Gas Safe though.

In conclusion then, in the event of a heating system break down, finding the right domestic boiler parts for your unit is only a small part of your considerations. Look at servicing options if you have not already considered them and bear in mind you will need to get someone in with the right training rather than tinkering with things yourself.

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Louisa Jenkins is a freelance blogger specialising in home improvement and dealing with household emergencies. She blogs on everything from finding the right domestic boiler parts for a heating system to how to decorate small bathrooms most effectively.

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