Garden Design Trends For The Coming Year

by Editor on June 6, 2013

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Garden and backyards are getting increasingly popular. Indeed, having own backyard is not only aesthetically appealing, but also functionally helpful. You can use a backyard for picnics, barbecuing, accepting guests, hosting b-day parties or growing own plants, veggies and flowers.

By the way, this is a modern trend even among wealthy people who can afford buying tons of organic veggies, but still prefer having own organic garden and eat something they have personally grown. However, a backyard is not just a piece of land. Modern landscape design looks at backyards as masterpieces. Some landscape designs are incredibly expensive, but they look nice too. If you do not have much money to spend on your back yard, it does not mean you cannot have a nice garden.

Here are some cool and hot garden design trends you are welcome to use when re-shaping your backyard.

Eco-friendly gardens

Well, you can’t avoid this trend that prevails in all design areas. What is an eco-friendly garden? This is the garden that has no negative impact on the environment. You should use recyclable materials and plants that do not require any additional resources to grow. Some folks import tropic plants and use fertilizers and other chemicals to make them grow. Opt for local vegetation. Also, make sure your garden’s waste goes back to the soil. Avoid harsh chemical solutions. This is a garden after all, not a chemical enterprise.

 Gardens that provide you with food

You should not necessarily live on a farm to have own veggies or even meat. You should not own a large plot of land. A few square meters is enough to have a few fruit trees. You may grow your own tomatoes, paprika or cucumbers to have fresh veggies on the table, free of nitrates. If you doubt you can manage or your veggie garden, just give it a try. Odds are that you will like it and your neighbors are going to envy you.

Natural Stones…natural beauty

Gone are the days when model gardens looked so ideal that you are unlikely to find any similar example from the wild nature. Today, people tend to like natural landscapes. Isn’t it great to have a backyard that looks like a picture from National Geographic site? So, having natural elements like stones and trees is trendy! Do not waste a fortune for the grass that requires more attention and care than a newborn baby. Make your garden look natural and be part of nature.

It is all about lighting

Your garden should look well in the evening and at night. The look of the garden can largely depend on how it is lit. Most experts recommend led lighting as the most efficient and inexpensive option. You may use lighting for particular plants or design elements or to have your entire garden lit. Modern lighting systems are compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, so you can control lighting using your phone which is very convenient. Some lighting systems can even create visual images in your garden.

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