Garage Door Buying Guide

by Editor on June 11, 2013


Garage Door Buying Guide

Over time garage doors can sag, struggle to open and start to deteriorate. Since malfunctioning garage doors can pose a safety risk, it’s best that you get them repaired as quickly as possible before they damage your car or hurts someone. New garage doors not only offer renewed safety and security, they also help to make your house look more pleasing to the eye, especially if you can see the garage door from the curb.

Options for Garage Doors

You’ll have your choice of options when it comes to garage doors. You can have a door with windows that allow sunlight to spill through and light up your garage. If you like, you can have single glazed windows or double glazed windows, although double glazed windows are more common for insulated garages. If you enjoy decorating, you might want to look into a garage door that has snap-in frames.

The type of garage door you have will determine the type of springs that you have to buy. For sectional doors, you might prefer torsion springs instead of extension springs, which are used on garage doors that tilt upward to open. If you’re concerned about the garage door springs suddenly snapping off and harming someone or damaging something, it’s recommended that you look at getting torsion springs since they do a much better job of evenly distributing the door’s weight. Extension springs are cheaper, but they aren’t as safe or as reliable as torsion springs.  When choosing garage door springs its usually a good idea to consult with a professional installer and base your decision on what best would fit for your garage door.

Garage Door Opener

If you’re thinking about getting an opener for your garage door, know that they come with a variety of features. Photoelectric safety devices can be put in place that will stop the garage doors and raise them back up if your car, family pet or a person were to break an invisible beam. Garage door openers can also be affixed to a keychain. If you’re concerned about security, you can buy garage door openers that only work through the use of a personal code that you program yourself.  This way if a neighbor gets the same type of garage door opener you want have any issues!

Where to Buy

When attempting to find a place to purchase garage doors, you can get a general idea of your options by performing an online search. While there are companies that build their own doors, most of them choose to buy their garage doors from a larger manufacturer. You can have a representative come to your home to show you a selection of doors if you don’t have time to go to a garage door showroom, or you can try your luck at a home improvement store if you’re thinking about installing your own door.

Don’t take your time when shopping for a new garage door. You never know how dangerous a malfunctioning garage door can be.

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