Four Steps To Take When You Lock Yourself Out Of The House

by Editor on May 8, 2013

i1_16Four Steps To Take When You Lock Yourself Out Of The House

If you are like many people, you have experienced that feeling before of locking yourself out of the house or the car. Perhaps you realized the keys were inside as the door was swinging shut and it was just too quick to stop it. Maybe it took you until you returned home from a trip to realize the keys were inside. Either way, there is typically a feeling of panic and you don’t know what to do. Being prepared is perhaps one of the best things you can do in that situation. The following are four steps you can take when you lock yourself out of the house.

  1. Check The Windows. It’s possible that you may have left a window cracked open, so do a quick run around your home and see if anythings open. Maybe you did it on purpose so that the air could circulate while you were gone, and perhaps you didn’t even realize there was a window open. As long as the window is in a safe location, you could try to climb through to let yourself in.
  2. Seek shelter. Whether the weather is horrible, or if it is nice, you may want to find somewhere that you can stay until you are able to get in the house. This might mean that you head to a neighbors house, or it might mean that you head out back to your patio. Either way, be sure that you protect yourself and your family from the elements while you figure out how to get back into your home. The last thing you would want is to be stuck in the elements
  3. Contact a locksmith. While some people might try to pick the lock themselves, this can often do more damage than good. Contacting a locksmith is perhaps the best way to get back into your house. If you don’t have a phone, you can borrow the neighbor’s and see if you can get the locksmith to your home right away so that you can get back in.
  4. Make a spare. After the locksmith is able to get you back in and you get settled back into your normal life routine, head out to have a spare key made, so that this type of problem does not happen again. You can give the spare to a neighbor for safe keeping, can put it in a hiding place somewhere outside your home, or can simply leave it in your purse or wallet at all times. It wont be on your regular key ring, so if you do leave the keys inside, it should be easier to get in when you have the spare in a separate location.

As you can see, all is not lost if you lock yourself out of the house. By checking the windows, getting yourself to a safe place, and contacting a good locksmith about your home lockout, you can be back in your home in no time.

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