Four Pro Tips For Spring Cleaning

by Editor on June 13, 2013

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Spring is the perfect time to start that household cleanup project. Reducing the clutter around your home can simplify dusting and make routine cleaning tasks much easier. Here are five expert tips to make your annual spring cleaning faster and more convenient.

1. Plan ahead
By making a general plan of attack before starting work, you can streamline the cleaning process. Establish a temporary holding area for items to be discarded and those to be donated to a local charity. By starting with the least-used rooms first, you can minimize disruption to daily routines during your cleanup project.

2. Pack it away
For items you intend to keep but do not use regularly, self-storage solutions offer unmatched convenience and accessibility. Storage containers can be delivered directly to your home or other site and can be filled on the spot. Once these portable storage units are full and your project is complete, the storage company can move the entire container to the nearby self-storage facility.

3. Make lists
If you have multiple tasks to perform during your spring cleaning project, consider keeping a schedule or list of necessary tasks to ensure that you accomplish your cleanup responsibilities more easily. Writing out a list can sometimes help to identify chores that can be combined for added efficiency. By maintaining lists or schedules for various phases of the cleanup project, you can sometimes achieve your goals with much less effort and in less time than would otherwise be possible.

4. Throw it out
The junk drawer present in most homes bears mute witness to the unwillingness of many individuals to throw things away. Most of us tend to be packrats, storing away items we are unlikely ever to need again. To determine whether to keep or toss these objects, you should consider how often you use them and the overall cost of replacement. For example, washers, screws and bolting mechanisms stored in the junk drawer are unlikely ever to be called into service and can easily be reacquired if the need ever arises.

5. Zone defense
Dividing your home into zones and clearing one area at a time can help to avoid wasted and duplicated effort. For instance, clearing out bedroom closets and shelves first can provide a real sense of accomplishment and allow you to continue your tasks with fresh enthusiasm. Once an area has been cleared, however, do not give in to the temptation to use finished zones as temporary storage locations. Instead, continue using your discard and donation piles and storage unit to manage the remainder of your home cleanup project.

By creating a comprehensive plan and getting the right tools for the job, you can achieve your spring cleaning goals more quickly and efficiently.

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