Four Easy Ways To Make Your Home Homier

by Editor on June 14, 2013


It’s easy to find yourself in a rut when it comes to home interior design and comfort. Often, homeowners and long-term residents find themselves focusing so much on the exterior of their home, that they overlook an arguably more important project; creating a homier home. Living spaces ought to trigger feelings of contentment and comfort. If you are feeling that your interior lacks that cozy feel, here are four easy ways to create a homier home.

1. Dash up the walls with paint
A fresh coat of paint is one of the cheapest and quickest ways to create a new interior look. A nice new look can be achieved with a couple cans of paint, a few brushes, and a day or two out of your schedule. When it comes to cozy color schemes, think of wrapping yourself up in rich browns, glowing golds, or warm reds. Alternatively, a fresh, clean look can be easily achieved with simple, bright colors. In addition to changing the color of the walls, consider a change of texture as well. Different painting methods and techniques like sponging can achieve a great unique look.

2. Play with screens and room dividers

A popular architecture design throughout the last decade has been the inclusion of an open floor plan in which the foyer, living room, dining room, and kitchen all flow together. While this open architecture style has many benefits, for some it can rob a space of a homier feel; make it otherwise less intimate. An inexpensive way to remedy this is to experiment with privacy screens, also known in Japan as shoji screens. These paneled screens break large rooms into smaller, more intimate spaces, creating an overall homier feel.

3. Install interior shutters
Installing interior shutters is a great way for any homeowner or long-term resident to spruce up a home, even if you find yourself with limited carpentry skills. Interior shutters offer great functionality, elegance, durability, and style. This simple installation can complement any room’s look, while also allowing for greater privacy control and optimal light filtering, particularly in rooms with direct sunlight. Particularly popular is utilizing interior shutters to create a cozy, cottage style look or theme.

4. Change the lighting
The importance of the lighting in a home cannot be understated. This interior necessity controls every room’s mood and feel. Subdued lighting creates a cozier and more intimate feel, while bright lights give off a more dramatic, open look. Creating a homier home can begin with switching overhead lights to wall scones, installing a new chandelier in the dining room, or re-lighting the bathroom. Additionally, experiment with candles, both standard wick models and new electric designs, to create warm and cozy spaces in the evening.

Creating a cozier, homier home does not need to break the bank. New paint jobs, room dividers, interior shutters, and lighting methodology are all home interior projects that can easily be budgeted at less than one hundred dollars each. Additionally, projects like fresh paint and interior shutters can improve your home’s overall value. If your home is in need of a face lift, a switch from an informal look into a cozy abode, inspire yourself with these easy ways of making any home feel all the homier.

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