Five Ways In Which To Give Your Bathroom A Modern Vibe

by Editor on May 22, 2013

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From heated towel rails to LED shower heads, there are a number of interesting, eye-catching ways to give your bathroom a much more modern feel.

After all, in a modern home these days the bathroom serves as a lot more than just a place to wash, so why not truly indulge yourself?

Here is a look at just some of the ways in which you can give your bathroom a more modern vibe.

Wet room/ Walk in shower

These are great for creating a real luxury feel to your bathroom. Best of all a wet room can create an illusion of space, even if your bathroom is actually quite small. So forget the old style of shower enclosures and go for something eye-catching. With a few of the other additions below, a wet room or walk in shower is the pièce de résistance of a modern bathroom.

Concealed Shower Unit

To give your new bathroom a truly modern feel, you can’t go wrong with a concealed shower unit. Not only does it give the impression of a classy hotel, but it also looks neat and tidies up the overall look of the shower enclosure. You could even go a step beyond this and either go for a ceiling mounted shower unit, a LED coloured head, or even both.

Throw in a unit with body jets and you really do have the height of modern luxury available at your finger tips

Heated Towel Rails

Modern bathrooms simply can’t afford to go without heated towel rails. While the concept itself is nothing new, we’ve had radiators in our bathrooms for years, these are a far more stylish addition to the home.

Heated towel rails combine the use of a bog-standard towel rail with a radiator, meaning you will have lovely warm towels to greet you every time you step outside the shower (just make sure you have the heating arranged in such a way that only the bathroom heating is on, and even then is only on during the times people in your household take a wash).

Heated Bathroom Mirrors

Why attempt to shave or prepare your hair or makeup in a mirror you’ve had to run your hand across just to be able to see out of when these days there are a number of bathroom mirrors which are heated in order to cut out the hassle of steamed up glass? There are even backlit or LED mirrors out there that can really give you the feeling of being a VIP or celebrity sitting in makeup before the big show.

Underfloor heating

Sticking to the hot topic of heating, underfloor heating is another luxury addition to a bathroom. Unlike the other more visible options listed above, this is one that is more about increasing your level of comfort than making a statement, but with a crisp warm towel and warm tiles to step on as well, the quick jumping around and drying off process of days gone by can finally be put to an end.

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Louisa Jenkins is a home imprvement expert who specialises in bathrooms. She offers tips on how to improve the bathroom in a modern style using items such as heated towel rails and LED shower heads to really make the room stand out.

photo by: Mike Miley

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