Five Tips For DIY Landscaping

by Editor on July 3, 2013


It’s finally summertime again, and if you’re a homeowner you’re most likely thinking of ways to celebrate the nice weather and some well deserved time off with your friends.  Summer is the time for pool parties, BBQs, picnics, and other outdoor activities. If you plan on having people over, you should spend time getting your backyard ready for company.

Some people think that you need to hire a professional landscaping company if you want to improve your property, but there are a lot of things the average homeowner can do if they have the right supplies and creativity. If you want to get your lawn looking as good as possible this summer, be sure to follow these amateur landscaping rules.

Go Online

The internet has made it easy for people to learn about topics and pick up skills in a short amount of time.  If you really want to get some creative and helpful ideas for your backyard, go online and see what some other people are doing.  The gardening section for the Better Homes and Gardens website can be a great resource for beginners, and there is no shortage of landscaping how-to blogs on the internet.  If you want more visual examples for you to build your ideas off of, search for landscaping projects on Pinterest.

Think Local

If you’re landscaping project will involve planting new flowers, bushes, and other plant life, try to look for plants that are native to the area.  Native plants are much easier to take care of than plants from exotic locations.  Since they’re naturally adapted the environment, they’ll be able to withstand some weather and temperature changes that pretty and foreign plants won’t be able to.

Test Your Soil

Testing soil is something a lot of people who are new to landscaping forget to do, and the people who forget to could be spending weeks trying to grow plants in acidic soil.  A soil test will pinpoint everything your soil could possible need, more nutrients, more water, and anything that healthy plant life will need to thrive.  Make sure to pay special attention to the soil’s pH balance.  If the soil is too acidic or alkaline, most plants won’t be able to obtain the nutrients they need to grow.

Think About Your Grass

A lot of people reading this probably only think about the kind of grass they have when it’s time to cut it, but adding a new kind of grass could be exactly what you need in order to improve the look of your backyard.  Some grasses grow to be a deep green hue, and others are lighter.  Some species of grass can give your lawn a nice plus feel.

Protect What You Grow

If you’re planning on adding a garden or new expensive plants to your backyard be sure that they’re well protected from potential outside damage.  If you have a dog or young children, you should use a fence to enclose in any flowerbeds or gardens you decide to plant.  Use a fence calculator to make sure that you buy enough material for the length that you need.

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