Five Reasons To Choose To Have A Loft Conversion Over Moving Home

by Editor on May 10, 2013

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If your family is rapidly growing and you are finding you have less and less space it often seems like the only option is to move out and upsize. If you don’t want to leave your current home the perfect solution may be to have your loft converted. Loft conversions can offer that extra space you so desperately need whilst enabling you to stay put, avoiding the stress of moving home. Here are five reasons why you should consider a loft conversion before you choose to move home-

Add Value

One of the most attractive elements of converting your loft is that you will be adding value to your home in the process. If you have done little work to your home since moving in a great way to ensure when you do choose to sell up that you get a great price is to convert your loft. Not only does this give you the extra space you so desperately need making your home work better for you but it may also make you a little money in the long run.

Versatile Space

Many of us don’t realise just how big our loft space is. No matter what you need space for your loft could be the solution. The most popular option when it comes to loft conversions is to covert the space into a master bedroom complete with an en suite, but your loft could be almost anything. From an office to a playroom, whatever you need a loft conversion could be the solution.

Make The Most Of The Space You Already Have

If your loft hasn’t been converted currently this is wasted space that you own but you cannot use. Make the most of what you have and turn your loft into liveable space that enhances the rest of your home. Many of us choose to have an extension but it is much simpler to use the space you already have and avoid using up your outside space.

Private Space

Converting your loft offers a very private space as it adds a whole new floor to your home. This is great if you want a master bedroom away from the rest of the house for privacy from the kids or a quiet office space where you can’t be disturbed.

Separate Living

You may have times during your life when you need to put up a friend or a relative for a period of time or a parent or child may need to move in with you. A great way to make this work is to convert your loft into separate living quarters for your guests.  You could even include a small kitchen space and an en suite so your guests can be completely independent.

There are many benefits to converting your loft, above all doing so means that you can stay put in the home you love but make it work for you and your needs. Avoid moving home and consider converting your loft for a simple solution.

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Eilidh MacRae works for MPK lofts who offer south west loft conversions. She belelives loft conversions are the perfect answer when you need more space in your home.

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