Five Reasons Leather Is Still King Of Office Chair Materials

by Editor on May 30, 2013

Not the Comfy Chair!

When you search for an office chair, a classic choice has long been the leather chair. The material tends to be the king among office seating options. It lends that executive look with a suggestion of prestige and opulence. At the same time, it is a classic choice, one that tends to match with most office settings. If you still aren’t convinced that going with that black leather desk chair is the best idea, here are a few reasons why leather is still the king of chair materials.

1. It’s comfortable.

Leather seating tends to provide more comfort than something like mesh. The smooth look of the chair translates into how it feels. Leather isn’t rough on the body, but rather provides a bit of cushioning. The user needs that cushioning to sit at a desk for extended periods of time.

2. It’s durable.

Leather might be more of an investment compared to other materials. However, one of the main benefits to buying a leather chair is that it holds up better over time. True leather chairs are durable. In fact, most leather gets softer over time, which increases the comfort level for the user. Most leather molds to the user’s body over time, lending the feel of a custom-made seat. For offices that want to make a wise purchase that will last, leather tends to suit that role.

3. It’s easy to clean.

Offices aren’t always kind to furniture. Wear and tear is bound to occur over time. Coffee spills can damage other materials, leaving stains that don’t set such a professional tone. However, leather is generally very easy to clean. If you have a basic leather cleaner and conditioner, you can maintain that brand new look of the material. Spills are less of an issue because they don’t set in and stain the leather.

4. Styles are diverse.

Many office chairs look the same. They are composed of the same material and come in the same styles. However, as a leather chair is such a classic choice, a wealth of styles has been developed in this material. You don’t have to choose between just a couple of options. The styles are diverse enough that you can find a seat that will work for your office space. Also, because one color of leather can vary in exact hue to the next, you can always have a unique looking chair – one that isn’t exactly like any other.

5. It’s always a good investment.

The advantages of buying this type of office chair are easy to see. However, when you stack up all of those positives, it translates into a good investment. In tough economic times, businesses and companies often can’t afford to spend a fortune on furniture for the office. At the same time, the purchase of a leather chair is one that you won’t have to make after a few years of wear and tear. If you want a chair that lasts, leather is always a safe bet for companies.

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