Five Home Security Mistakes You Should Be Aware Of

by Editor on April 30, 2013

June 21, 2012

According to research, most burglaries usually occur in one of two prominent ways. A burglar will either explore an area or simply get inclined to any type of signal and act on it if the remuneration is seen to be bigger than the amount of risk involved. The signals can be picked in numerous ways and can be easily avoided with some knowledge, awareness and common sense. Your Home’s security depends greatly upon really simple rules and actions that require only a few minutes to assimilate for a lifetime utilisation. We have compiled five common home security mistakes that are made by home owners and what can be done to be confident that you are not on a burglar’s potential list of homes.

Is there an easy access to your home?

Circa ninety-four percent of home owners leave their windows open when out and about. To some people it may seem like a normal thing to do particularly when it is hot outside or simply looking to get some fresh air in the living room. Even though it seems like a good idea, you need to be aware that the average burglary is usually executed within ten minutes. So that quick dash to the grocery store could possibly cost you your home’s content.

Do you leave valuables in clear view?

According to research, over three quarters of home owners leave their valuables in easy and clear view of passersby. If your home is situated on a busy road it may seem impossible to keep your television and other electronics out of view, but trying your absolute best to keep them out of view will certainly keep them safe. If your living room window is facing a busy road, you can simply re-arrange your things so large and costly items are not visible to passersby. Partly opening your curtains will also help in the process. Making such efforts will certainly prevent a potential burglar’s eyes from seeing your belongings.

The use of social media and modern technology

With exponential growth in recent years, it is fair to say social networks and modern technology have formed a part of our lives. Having said that, a huge number of people unnecessarily place their personal details and whereabouts on these social networking sites. It may seem innocent but social networking sites are littered with criminals who are constantly trawling through these websites in order to steal personal information (this may be your home address). A typical example is when out for dinner with your family and you decide to update your status or check in to specify your location, everyone in your network or friends list will see that you are currently not at home. How sure can you be that anyone seeing those updates will not grab the chance to break into your property?

Where do you keep your keys?

Several people make the common mistake of leaving their car or home keys by the doorway; or in some cases on the window which can be seen from outside by a potential burglar. You should keep them safely in your bedroom drawer or somewhere a bit more discreet.

Do you know who is watching your deliveries?

In a research carried out with the help of ex-burglars, circa sixty percent of them stated that unattended parcel deliveries left outside a property usually draw their attention. Parcels or boxes left unattended by home owners are seen as a disregard for their home security, as well as an opportunity to steal the parcels or boxes’ contents or possibly break in. Leaving parcels or boxes unattended indicates that the home owners have a lackadaisical approach towards home security. If for work or other reasons you are unable to receive your parcel, never suggest to a delivery man to leave it in front of your home where passersby can have a clear view. Asking them to leave it by the back door is a lot safer, or possibly with a neighbour.

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