Five Components Of An Effective Moving Checklist

by Editor on May 8, 2013

Moving Day

A few of us love the relocation process. If you find yourself in this position, the key to keeping everything as smooth as possible is by creating a moving checklist.

Here are five things that absolutely must be included.

1) Select the Best Professionals from Available Moving Companies

First, start checking out local movers, or figure out if you’re going to undertake the process yourself. The reasons are twofold: First, you want to make reservations for services at least a month or two in advance. Second, this part of the process takes the most consideration/time.

Seeking out assistance is so time consuming because you want to make sure you find a reputable organization and that you’re clear on what’s included with their services.

Ask your friends, family and colleagues for recommendations on businesses. Then, research each of those businesses online to see if they have good reviews and are reputable. Next, get quotes (in-house, if possible) from at least three of them.

Finally, make your reservation.

If you choose a deal where you pack a truck and the professionals drive, you will want to go through the same process. The same goes for pod storage.

Renting a truck doesn’t take as much investigation prior to booking, but you will want to know what’s included in prices and what is expected of you while handling the vehicle.

2) Notify All Interested/Concerned Parties of Your Plans

You will want to be sure to let everyone concerned know that you are moving someplace new. This includes (but isn’t limited to): friends, co-workers, family members, utility companies, gyms you belong to, your local library, etc.

Also, if you are going to another town or state, it’s best to cut old services and restart them in your new home.

3) Gather Supplies for Packing (if You Opt to Do This Part Yourself)

If you are going to pack yourself, it is best to get some supplies together. These should include heavy-duty tape, markers for box labeling, furniture pads and blankets, plastic peanuts or bubble wrap, etc.

4) Make Arrangements for Travel/Time Off if Necessary

You should book any hotels you might need, arrange to have pets or children cared for during the big day and take time off work if you need to. Having all of this arranged weeks prior to departure will cut down on stress.

5) Assemble All Necessities for the Journey (and for Arrival)

Finally, pack a bag with items that you’ll need en route and right when you arrive. These may include: toiletries, a change of clothing, snacks, water and cash/credit cards for travel costs, as well as tips for your crew.

With this basic list, you should be well prepared to hit the trail.

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