Finishing Touches Before Flipping a Home

by Editor on November 14, 2013

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In the business of real estate one can specialize in flipping homes, this is the art of buying a house or property and then selling it for a higher profit. In order to do this a home must be in the best condition it can be in. This entails a great deal of work, paying attention to details and hiring the right team of specialist to add all the right touches to the home.The most important maintenance, renovation, or up keep aspect to finalizing a new and improved home are the finishing touches.

Outdoor Impression

Finishing touches are the first impressions which will be critical to selling a home. A home can have all of the latest appliances inside the home; however, what lies on the exterior of the home will determine whether or not a buyer will continue to evaluate it before buying or passing. Important facades and faces of the home include: a precisely mowed lawn, clean gutters, landscaping, and the most attractive paint that makes for a welcoming entrance.

Indoor Impression

There are many indoor features used to adorn a home, such as furniture and décor. Specifically, paint plays an equally important role indoors as it did outdoors. Indoor paint schemes can be the most important selling point of a home, as colors significantly influence buyer perception and emotion. Homes have large potential for improvement, as there are many rooms,crevasses, corners, etc. that require new coating or a new colors of paint all together.

Other Impressions

Key sellers are new, improved, and high quality appliances and features built into a home. This is best done in a number of smaller projects that collectively improves the home as a whole. Repairing things such as drywall, removing stains, and sealing leaking areas are all the smaller projects that make for an overall better home. Have an open mind, be abstract when considering what exactly to fix, remove, or put into the home.Buyers notice the small things,therefore take each individual aspect of a home into careful consideration.

Where to Go
When searching for a specialist, search with this criteria in mind:

Pricing—an experienced and professional contractor will be able to provide you with an estimate in the form of a detailed quote. If you can receive a quote with explanation then your candidate has most likely done the work before, has experience with the necessary tools, and is quoting a fairly accurate price for their services.

Reliability—Testimonials are a good way to measure reliability and credibility. They provide you with real customer experiences that will help you better determine the quality of the work you will receive.

Services—look for companies that offer multiple services, and only specific ones. Compare and contrast what services they offer and gauge their pricing and reliability. Often times contractors that stick to one specific area are best, while other times a well-rounded contractor can meet your needs, plus more. Many times if you bundle services together you can get a better deal, and essentially “kill two birds with one stone”. Passionate contractors, such as The City Painters and their painters in Toronto, often outdo the most experienced in the trade – So remember to consider these key points.


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