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by Editor on June 10, 2013


As springtime slowly gives way to summer, homeowners across the country are starting to pay more attention to their outdoor spaces, particularly their back yards. After all, there’s nothing quite like spending a warm summer afternoon in the backyard, enjoying a cool drink and watching your children at play.

Unfortunately, plenty of us who have big backyards don’t get much use out of them because long term neglect has made them less-than-inviting for outdoor fun. Whether it’s a lack of grass or simply a lack of personality, it doesn’t take too much to make outdoor spaces seem unusable.

Fortunately, whipping a backyard back into shape is a lot easier, and more affordable than you might think.

Why Improve Your Yard?

You probably have a lot of excuses as to why your yard has fallen into disrepair, so here are a few reasons to help inspire you into turning that situation around.

For starters, an inviting backyard will definitely add to the overall value of your home. Poor landscape design and maintenance are points that buyers happily latch on to in order to drive down the price during negotiations. If you go into the selling process with an updated, and usable backyard you’ll be in much better shape to weather stiff negotiations.

If you plan on staying in your home for an extended period, improving your backyard allows you to maximize the house’s full potential. And if you’ve got kids, that backyard is a priceless play space that should never be neglected.

Easy Yard Improvements

Whether you’re an experienced home handyman or a first-time homeowner who has never swung a hammer, you should have no problem finding a backyard improvement you can work on.

On the simpler end, just adding a few shrubs and or container gardens can make a world of difference in how you feel about your outdoor spaces. Throw in a couple of comfortable chairs, and you’ll be in business.

If you’re looking for more complicated backyard enhancements, consider adding outdoor lighting, a water feature. A simple fountain or pond can absolutely transform exterior spaces. Just remember, this is a more advanced project and may require some ongoing maintenance.

Finding Inspiration

Should you find yourself having trouble coming up with a backyard project on your own, you might want to turn to social media. Social sites like Pinterestare filled to the brim with great project ideas that suit almost any ability and any budget.

Even better, the people who post their backyard successes on these sites are usually more than happy to share tips and advice with others who are attempting the same project. (At the very least, they’ll probably be able to point you to the YouTube video that they used as a guide!)

And don’t worry about soliciting advice from strangers on social media – it’s called social media for a reason!

No matter what your reasoning behind it is, a backyard improvement is almost always a worthwhile venture. There’s something really satisfying about looking out into a beautiful yard and knowing that you were the person responsible for that beauty.

About the Author

Adam Grant is a landscape designer. He also writes about landscaping and ourdoor living.

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