Essential Lawn Care Tips For The Summer

by Editor on June 13, 2013


Warm weather is officially here and millions of Americans are looking forward to starting their major lawn care and gardening routines again.  Some people may think that the average home owner would dread having to stick to a mulching schedule; unloading their tow behind lawn vacuum and lawn mowers for weekly use.  That belief is far from the truth.  According to the Professional Land Care Network 81% of people who own a yard or landscape say that the upkeep of their green space plays an important role in the look of their home.  Everybody likes a well-maintained lawn. A little green space can help improve the look and value of your property.

The True Value of Good Lawn Care released their National Home Improvement Survey which interviewed nearly 600 real estate agents to determine the top low cost improvements people can do to their home. Ninety-three percent of the agents who participated in the survey recommended landscaping as a top five home improvement recommendation. They also found that homeowners who spent $540 on lawn care work and costs could expect to see a $1,932 price increase on their home value.  As you can see lawn care can play a big role on how appealing and valuable your home can be.  If you’re new to lawn care but want to keep your grass and flowers looking beautiful this summer, follow these lawn care tips.

Mow High

Did you know that the height you set your lawn mower could affect how healthy your grass stays?  Grass that grows to greater heights promotes deep root growth which provides better access to water and nutrients in the soil.  Your healthy and high grass blades won’t just look more lush and green; the nutrient rich stalks will be able to better tolerate environmental stresses (like the high heat and heavy humidity of summer).  Set your mower height at about two to three inches so you can have grass with deep roots.

Give Your Lawn Enough Water

Since the summer months usually bring water restrictions for residents, it’s important to obey restriction requirements in accordance to your local laws.  Most lawns require about an inch of water every week.  If you’re unsure of how to properly water your lawn each week there is a way to accurately measure how long it takes your sprinklers to saturate your lawn with an inch of water.  Take a few plastic containers and place a mark one inch from the bottom of each.  Spread out the containers across your lawn and clock how long it takes to reach the inch mark.

Know Your Pests

The warm and humid summer weather provides the perfect breeding environment for troublesome plant species and lawn pests.  Thanks to global human traveling and the import of goods, stranger and more exotic pests appear every year.  People in sections of the northeast and south have been dealing with a foreign stinkbug invasion while people in the south have been dealing with strangler vines for decades. To learn more about troublesome pests and how to prevent those in your area please visit

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