Essential Advice For Creating A Classic Country Kitchen

by Editor on May 7, 2013


Traditional and rustic interior design is becoming incredibly popular, transforming it from being an old-fashioned thing of the past, and contemporary chic in its own right. Instead of the clean, minimalistic approach to design that you find with many contemporary kitchens, more and more people are opting for that rustic ‘country kitchen’ look.

With so much focus in recent years on minimalism, how should you go about creating that perfect traditional kitchen? This guest post runs down four quick and easy interior design tips to help get you on the right track for creating rustic perfection.

1. Exposed Wood
The rustic look relies heavily on wooden furnishings, whether painted or just finished, and plenty of wood elsewhere in the room. If your home is slightly older, you may have exposed wooden beams in the ceiling. If so, maximise on this unique feature and make it into one of your kitchen’s centrepieces. Either paint it to match the colour scheme of the rest of your kitchen, or restore and finish it to bring it life.

If your home doesn’t have exposed ceiling beams, but you simply must have them, then it is possible to have ‘fake’ beams retrofitted. They don’t serve any purpose (ie. they don’t carry any loads and are purely aesthetic), but will help you create the perfect look.

If your budget won’t stretch that far, then simply stripping old units and finishing the bare wood is an excellent budget friendly choice.

2. Warm Colour Schemes
While modern interior design relies on quite bold, punctuating colours, the traditional kitchen design approach works well with warm colour schemes (linking in with wooden features and furnishings). Wooden browns, creams, whites and warm oranges all work exceptionally well as colour schemes in a classic kitchen. Whether you achieve this combination through painting or finishing/varnishing bare wood is completely up to you – it’s all about creating a welcoming and homely feel.

3. Hardwood Or Quarry Tile Flooring
Your choice in flooring is essential to creating that traditional atmosphere. While it might not seem that big of a design element, the floor is something that instantly catches your eye and is one of the first things you take in when you go into a room for the first time.

It’s therefore vital that your choice of flooring is in keeping with your overall rustic design scheme. Traditional hardwood flooring is an excellent choice, adding to your ‘wooden’ colour scheme and being simple to install, with red quarry tiles also offering the same great interior design choice with the added bonus of being much easier to maintain out of the two.

4. Classic Furnishings & Appliances
This aspect of your kitchen’s interior design can include everything from large features such as cookers, sinks and units to small details like furniture, rugs and accessories. Finished wood furniture and units work really well; if you do want to paint them, we’d suggest muted and pastel colours like creams and sky blues.
Farmhouse sinks are incredibly popular in traditional kitchen design, giving a really classic country feel as opposed to a more modern standard stainless steel iteration.

Classic appliances are a great traditional addition – consider adding wood burning stoves, utilising an old fireplace or installing an AGA to really make your classic kitchen really authentic. Plenty of mainstream kitchen supply stores stock these style of appliances and fittings, due to the rising popularity of rustic interior design, so finding them will be easy.

About the Author

This post was written by Tom McShane; an avid blogger and budding interior design guru. When he’s not tapping away at his laptop, Tom can be found getting stuck in to his next interior design or renovation project. His kitchen was his latest venture, with a great service from K100 Kitchens helping him to finish the job.

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