Eight Tips For Lawn Care On A Budget

by Editor on May 29, 2013

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As you’ve probably already discovered, lawn care can get to be painfully expensive. However, maintaining and improving your lawn only needs to be as expensive as you make it. Here are eight inexpensive and relatively simple ways to effectively care for your lawn and keep it healthy:

What Can You Do Yourself?

The gardener that knows exactly what you want and is always on time is no other than yourself. Labor can be expensive, and while sometimes professional expertise and work is necessary, consider doing some of the simpler, though perhaps more tedious, tasks yourself.

Water at the Right Time of Day

Don’t waste money and resources by watering at a time when most of it’s simply going to evaporate away. Early morning hours are the best time to water (preferably before 10:00 A.M.) since the temperatures are cooler. This practice has an increasingly significant impact during the summer as temperatures rise, so remember to set your sprinkler timers to the morning hours.

Don’t Over Water

Unless you’ve just put down new grass seed, there’s no need to water more than once a week. And if it rains, there isn’t any reason to water at all.

Don’t Clear All of the Leaves

We all try to keep our lawns clean and proper, but consider leaving a few leaves here and there across your lawn. The decomposition of dead organic matter is a natural process that enriches the soil. It’s a free and easy way to add nutrient-rich compost to your lawn.

Keep Sharp Lawn Mower Blades

This will help both you and your wallet. Dull lawn mower blades are less effective, and when mowing, it takes much more effort to do the job. By keeping your lawn mower’s blades sharp, you are saving your own energy and preserving a rather expensive investment in equipment, your lawn mower.

Maintain Your Equipment

On that note, it is always smart to maintain all of your equipment. Owning landscaping tools is definitely an investment, and it’s one that you want to last as long as possible. By taking care of your equipment, keeping them clean, sheltering them in a garage or shed, and giving electric tools an annual tune up, you are saving yourself from needing to buy new tools—if your lawn mower runs over your garden hose, for example.

Lastly, Shop Smart

  • Like anything else (i.e. clothes, fruits, travel tickets), gardening products have seasons, and their prices fluctuate with them. Usually once the weather turns warm, the demand for landscaping tools and plants go up. If you can wait until off season to buy something, your wallet will thank you.
  • Whenever you can, buy in bulk. Things like mulch or soil you will always need, so if you can buy it in larger quantities chances are you’ll be saving money overall.
  • Before you start shopping at all, plan ahead. Start at home and write down everything that you will need to buy; by working off of a list instead of your memory, you are making sure that you get everything you need and nothing that you don’t.
  • Keep an eye out for coupons and sales. They can also come in handy.

About the Author

Mike Piwonka is the owner and CEO of The Grass Outlet, a sod company distributing grass throughout Texas. The Grass Outlet offers fresh Zoysia, Buffalo, Bermuda, and St. Augustine.

photo by: Benjamin Chun

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