Do’s and Don’ts of Baby Nursery Design

by Editor on August 7, 2013

Jack's Room - Superhero Nursery

When you first went to the doctor to confirm that you are having a baby boy or girl, probably one of the first things that ran through your mind was how you wanted to decorate the nursery. And while, in many ways, you are more welcome to design that space however you’d like, because you will be bringing a newborn into the space, it’s a good idea to do all that you can, not just to make sure that it’s nice to look at, but that it’s design in a way that’s safe and efficient too.

For this reason, we wanted to take out a moment to share with you what we feel as some of the do’s and don’ts of baby nursery design. That way, as you’re coming up with all kinds of creative ideas, you will know you’re doing what’s best for you as well as your little one in the process.

DO choose a theme. Although it’s not necessarily mandatory that you have one, it can actually help with the decorating process if you know that you want to go with a princess theme, a cowboy theme or perhaps leave it gender neutral and go with something like nature or an “under the sea” kind of look.

DON’T use a lot of chemicals. If you are planning to paint the room a particular color, definitely make sure to purchase some low VOC-paint. It’s made with a lot less chemicals which means fewer toxins; this is healthier for both you and your little one.

DO make wise furniture choices. It’s probably going to amaze you just how fast your child grows, so when it comes to selecting furniture pieces such as their crib or even their dresser, try and get something that will actually grow with them. For instance, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Rooms to Go and even Wal-Mart all have cribs that can easily transition into toddler-sized beds.

DON’T go with carpet. Some people opt for carpet because they like that it provides more cushioning in the nursery. But remember, carpet can also trap dirt, debris and if you have a pet in the home, dander too. That’s why our vote is to go with a laminate hardwood flooring. If you would like to get carpet once your child becomes older, carpet tile is always a smart (and relatively affordable) option.

DO make the ceiling a priority. Whether your child is lying down for a nap or is laying on a baby nursing pillow as you’re feeding them, they are spending a huge amount of time on their backs, so it’s a good idea to give them something to look at. If it’s a painted mural or some decals or some other innovative design, add that to your ceiling. Oh, and speaking of ceilings, something else that you can do to keep the air circulating is to install a ceiling fan. It’s also an effective way to regulate the room’s temperature without relying so much on central air.

DON’T crowd the space. You want enough space for you to be able to walk around the room and also for your child to eventually crawl as well as walk, so try not to crowd the room with too much stuff. A crib, small dresser, changing table, rocking chair and possibly an ottoman or two should be more than enough to last until your child’s first couple of years. With any luck, maybe longer than even that!

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