Don’t Believe The Myths About Interior Decorating

by Editor on June 11, 2013


When it comes to interior design, you should follow your own personal sense of style, rather than catering towards whatever the popular perception or trend might be. There are many do’s-and-don’ts floating around the Internet, but listening to others is not always necessary when it comes to something as personal as home decoration.

Symmetry Not Necessary

Many people choose the symmetrical method when placing twin pairs of items; after all, it makes sense to have items equidistant if you are looking to create an ordered, controlled environment. Breaking up these items could make the room appear more visually stimulating and varied.

Mix and Match

Not everything in your home needs to be of the extremely expensive variety. If you are seeking to put together a collection, it could be an idea to purchase what items you can afford when you can and take your time to assemble your ideal range one item at a time. Rather than rushing headfirst into a massive financial commitment, consider breaking up the purchases with cheap and cheerful stopgap furniture, which will do the job no problem until you are in a financially viable position to purchase the items you really want.

Floating Furniture

We have become so used to the convention of beds and sofas being anchored to the wall that it becomes second nature when arranging any room, but they need not be. ‘Floating’ furniture allows for greater flexibility in placement and can prove to be a key feature in bringing the room together through a focal point. Placing items such as double beds in the centre of the room also allows for greater access to the bed for both occupants – a usually annoying accessibility problem when beds are forced into the corner.

Multiple Styles

Sticking to one single design style is a popular choice, but an extremely restricting one. By combining elements that you think fit together in an attractive manner it is possible to bring together multiple influences. Your home is a reflection on your personality and it is unlikely that you will have been influenced by merely one thing in your life.

Spread the Colour

The main buzzword used to describe a white room is ‘clean’, but this does not necessarily make the area look bigger as some have claimed. By bringing bold colours into the frame, you can draw attention to multiple areas, whereas white rooms primarily focus very much on the minimalist look. It is also worth remembering that ceilings need not be only painted white – darker colours can make the room seem cozier.

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