Does Coke Work As A Drain Cleaner

by Editor on May 8, 2013


There are plenty of ways that you can use to help clear a clogged drain. There are standard ways to do it that include actually removing the clog yourself or pouring a liquid cleaner down the drain. But, perhaps one of the most interesting rumours regarding drain cleaning materials is that coke works just as good as any other option. If this is true, it certainly helps remove the cost aspect of cleaning a drain. Most people have a bottle of coke in their house, and, if they don’t, it’s probably the cheapest alternative to any other drain cleaning materials. But, does it actually work?

What’s in Coke?

One of the reasons that coke is suggested as an adequate drain cleaner is that it contains phosphoric acid 338. In the soda itself, this ingredient is used as a mild flavor enhancer, but it’s also considered a somewhat corrosive acid that you can find in many detergents and fertilizers. Before you go and throw out all of your coke, you should know that the concentration of phosphoric acid 338 is much smaller in the soda than in anything else.

Drain Cleaning Powers of Coke

Unlike most over-the-counter, drain cleaning supplies, standard coke does not contain a substance called sodium hydroxide. This chemical works to increase the alkalinity of clog and decrease its acidity. This helps dissolve the obstruction. Certain heavy-duty drain cleaners actually use sulfuric acid which increases the acidity, decreases the alkalinity, and apparently still dissolves the obstruction. The phosphoric acid in coke works much the same way that the sulfuric acid does in heavy-duty drain cleaners. The only difference is that coke takes a lot longer to work. Coke isn’t nearly as acidic as sulfuric acid, which might make it a more beneficial alternative. One of the reasons you shouldn’t use over-the-counter drain cleaners is that they are often corrosive to the piping.

How to Use Coke to Clear Drains

Because it takes longer to work than standard drain clearing methods, you’re going to want to give the coke some time. It’s also really only effective if you have a complete drain clog. This is because it takes much longer to work than other, more caustic options. Even so, if your drain is completely clogged, then you might want to give coke a try. Simply pour an entire 2 litre bottle into the drain. If the obstruction is really as large as it seems, then your drains might fill up with coke. Let the soda work its magic overnight. If the sink is clear of coke and you can run your faucet again, then your job is done.

Although it might seem like a strange concept, coke can actually work to clean out your drains. Unfortunately, it likely won’t work for partial clogs as it will just pass right through without affecting anything. If you have a major back-up that can’t be fixed by any conventional means, then you might want to give a call to an emergency plumber London.

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