Do You Really Need A Contractor To Remodel Your Bathroom?

by Editor on May 29, 2013

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When you think about the overall project of remodeling a bathroom and possibly all the complexities you may run into, the thought of hiring a contractor may begin to cross your mind quite often. However, if you are quite handy or have knowledge in the various aspects of construction, you may take it upon yourself to remodel. However, whether an expert or not, sometimes hiring a contractor can be beneficial and worry free. Here are some reasons that hiring a contractor may be necessary.

Adding or Removing Electrical Fixtures

If you are going to be moving around light fixtures or perhaps adding more lighting in the bathroom, you may need to have knowledge as to the type of fixtures or wiring required by your building code as bathrooms are always exposed to moisture and can be a fire hazard.

Moving Plumbing Around

Most major bathroom remodels first involve demolition of tiles or shower enclosure, vanity, shower door, toilet etc. This is quite messy. However, before beginning any prep work, you need to observe the condition of the shower pan and the rest of the plumbing. At this point you can make the decision of whether you want to move any plumbing around for your new shower head and fixtures. It can be complicated if you are unaware of the different angles and parts involved.

If a lot of the components of your bathroom are new, you might want to consider how their plumbing will impact on other areas of the house. For example, will you be able to take a shower at the same time the washing machine is on?


Are you familiar with all of the prep work involved prior to laying tiles? What is the condition of your shower pan and will you be needing a new one? Do you understand the various ways of waterproofing the walls prior to tiling as to prevent mold issues from arising in the future?  What is the condition of your sub-floor?  These are all very important things to know before laying the tiles down.

Connecting the Fixtures

One of the last things that will go in will be your faucet, shower head and fixtures and if you’ve ever opened a box that contains these items, often there are numerous nuts, bolts, connectors and washers and it can make it confusing when installing them

Making the Decision

As you can see, remodeling a bathroom can be complex and hiring a professional contractor might not be a bad idea. Remember to interview several and make sure they are licensed and they can provide you not only with ideas but a written estimate that will detail all the work and/or materials they will provide, including a time frame to completion. It is likely that you are considering a contractor so you can prevent any problems from occuring, so make sure you’re fully confident in the person you hire. Get recommendations from friends or family members, or use sites such as Rated People to ensure you’re getting someone useful.

Even though the price may not be friendly to your pocket the process will move much more smoothly and even quicker.

About the Author

Gary is a mechanical engineer. He developed a desire for engineering after designing bathrooms and including essentials such as shower head fixtures. His spent much of his time with his uncle who was a contractor.

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