Do You Need A Bath Lift?

by Editor on June 10, 2013


Whether you’re 18 or 80, been involved in an accident, have a degenerative condition or are simply getting older, losing the ability to perform everyday tasks independently is scary, upsetting and stressful for everyone involved.

Not least because many people who find they can no longer cope without help in their homes automatically assume that the only solution is to move somewhere more suitable and say goodbye to the home they love.

However, there is another way to tackle a mobility issue head on and live independently in your home, with or without extra help. What is this miracle of mobility innovation? The simple bath lift!

All about Bath Lifts

Bath lifts are nothing new, they been around in one form or another for hundreds if not thousands of years – It’s enduring design is perhaps an indication of just how useful a tool a bath lift can be, especially today’s technologically advanced models.

Provided you can stand and get yourself into a bath lift chair, you can use one alone, but they’re also ideal for carers as they completely avoid heavy lifting, which can be one of the most difficult problems that carers cope with.

Bath lifts generally run on electricity and once seated, users can be gently lowered into a bath with the touch of a button. High quality bath lifts also come with battery powered backup so they still work in the event of a power cut.

Keeping Yourself and Carers Safe

It’s essential for differently abled people to consider safety when performing tasks that many of us take for granted, like having a bath. However, if you love a soak in the tub then don’t you have the right to enjoy one when you want to – just like everyone else?

Whether you have a carer or live independently, a bath lift is the ideal way to ensure that you’re afforded the same rights as other people; including how and when you choose to bathe. It may sound like a small thing but when you’re living with mobility issues it’s small things like this that can add up to a whole heap of stress if they’re not addressed.

A bath lift will allow you to maintain the daily routine you desire in a safe, secure and dignified manner so that you can enjoy your right to a relaxing bath if you so desire.

Bath Lifts, Care Homes and Medical Establishments

Bath lifts are great for domestic use but they’re also an essential tool for many hospitals, care homes and other similar settings.

If you’re responsible for purchasing equipment in your place of work then a bath lift should be top of your list. These days any care or health sector manager needs to be constantly aware that staff and those in their care are never put at risk either physically or emotionally.

Bathing can be a contentious issue which can cause serious problems if not handled correctly. So if you want to approach the issue of bathing in a professional, safe manner that affords those being cared for the dignity they deserve then a bath lift is ideal.

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