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by Editor on May 21, 2013


Selling your home can be a stressful process, but it doesn’t have to be. If you know how to effectively get your home ready to be put on the market, you can greatly increase your chances of selling it quickly without having to reduce your asking price. Home staging is one of the most important and effective things that you can do to sell your home, and while many people hire somebody to do their home staging for them, you can easily do it yourself by following the tips outlined in this article. If you’re not familiar with the term, home staging essentially means presenting your home in a way that highlights its strengths while downplaying its weaknesses. You can do this through organizing and laying out the furniture in your home a certain way, painting the walls, etc.

1- Reduce Clutter

This is one of the biggest things that you can do to stage your home properly. Make sure everything is properly organized, and remember that the more stuff that is hidden behind the scenes, the better. Not only is a minimalistic design aesthetically appealing, it will also help your potential buyers better picture their own furniture and other items in your home.

2- Furniture Grouping

A common strategy when it comes to furniture grouping is to line the walls with furniture in order to make the space appear more open. This is fine in some rooms, but in others you should group the furniture closer together. For instance, if you have two cozy armchairs, put them close together to give off the appearance of a comfortable place to sit with a friend and enjoy a cup of coffee.

3- Re-purposing Rooms

If you have a storage room, take everything out of it and put it in a storage shed and then transform that room into a comfortable office or a fabulous workout room. Show your buyers the potential of your home- who wouldn’t love running on the treadmill in front of the gorgeous view provided by the windows in your storage room?

4- Lighting

Many homeowners underestimate the power of good lighting. Lighting can totally determine the feel of a room- if you want it to be warm and cozy or open and breezy, you can simply change the lights that you have instead of having to repaint the entire room. Lamps and different light fixtures will accomplish this; simply look online for some great ideas.

5- Paint

Sometimes, of course, your home may need a fresh coat of paint. Instead of assuming that every buyer is going to want something breezy and painting the whole house in off-whites and blues, switch up the color schemes between rooms so that it appears that your home has a little bit of everything- a warm Tuscan orange reading corner and a cool light blue family room can both exist in the same home, and they should- just make sure that the colors all compliment each other overall.

6- Creatively Hang Art

Don’t make every painting in your house eye-level. Instead, opt for more three dimensional wall art that you can hang at varying heights. This is aesthetically pleasing and definitely eye-catching, and you can be sure that the buyers will take notice of the impeccable design and use it as inspiration for what they can do with the room.

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Article provided by Liesl H. a writer working with Tuppers Team, a real estate agency providing services in the Evergreen, Conifer and Genesee, CO areas.

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