Designing A Shabby Chic Kitchen

by Editor on May 8, 2013


With its timeless look, shabby chic remains a popular design style in households across the globe. A lot of pieces in this style of décor are from past years, which are repainted in light pastels and soft whites, while new pieces are made to look aged. A shabby chic makeover for your kitchen may consist of repainting your cabinets and weathering them to make them appear older, repurposing old hutches or large pieces of furniture for use as kitchen furnishings, as well as the use of antiques as décor items. Other items that fit into this overall décor theme include a wooden floor, wooden table and butcher block counter. Vintage appliances in white or pastel will also feel right at home in your shabby kitchen.

Cupboards And Cabinets

White or weathered white is a popular look for cabinets and cupboards in your shabby chic kitchen. Vintage cabinets go well in such a kitchen and may be purchased from stores that sell reclaimed household items. Alternatively, give your cabinets a coat of matte white paint, on top of an initial coat of pastel green or blue. Once dried, sand the edges to allow the pastels to show through. The light paint colours make the doors of your cupboards and cabinets inviting when contrasted with the exposed weathered and aged wooden elements.

Repurpose Large Furniture And Hutches

Repaint large furniture pieces such as a china cabinet or a used hutch in layers of light pastels or matte whites which are then sanded to give an appearance of wear. Having such a large piece of furniture in your shabby kitchen will provide you with additional space for displaying more of your shabby chic treasures.


Pastel or white pieces of antique appliances and kitchenware will fit right into a shabby kitchen. To complete the look, toss in some vintage mixing bowls and display your mixer as an accessory when not in use for your baking and cooking. Stylishly designed antique ovens reminiscent of the 1930s or 1940s will also go well in this kitchen décor theme. Ceramic storage items, glassware and other pieces from the bygone era are all suitable for a shabby chic look.


Wood is a common sight in shabby chic décor with items such as wooden floors, tables and planked walls taking prominence. A classic item for this theme is a table with painted legs, a planked top reminiscent of a farm-style or country table, which looks worn but not too much that it would cause splinters. Give your planked wooden flooring a paint job to match one of the other pastel or light colours in the shabby kitchen. Use planked wood for your walls or alternatively have them painted pastel or white.

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