Design Tips For Beautifying Your Garden Cabin

by Editor on June 7, 2013


Your garden cabin doesn’t have to be boring – far from it, in fact. These days, it’s not unusual to see garden cabins being afforded as much interior design-based thought and effort as the rest of your home. What with people opting for garden-based playhouses, offices, guest bedrooms and the like, there’s a wealth of ways in which you can add some prettiness to your pad… your garden pad, that is!

A Splash of Colour

One of the simplest and most effective ways to brighten up a garden cabin is by painting it. Just because it’s a place you keep your garden tools doesn’t mean it has to be a dreary, uninspiring colour. A well-chosen, vivid hue for the exterior will make for an undoubtedly cheerier sight for your garden, while painting the inside a lighter colour – pastels perhaps, or just plain white – will help the space feel bigger and lighter.

You could even come up with a theme based on the colours – perhaps an ocean motif (blue on the outside, white on the inside) could be added to by placing seashells around the space, or a forest theme could be achieved with a green façade and some floral wall decals on the interior.

Cute Gardening Tools

Offset the lighter indoor space with lots of brightly coloured garden tools hanging on the walls. The garden cabin is meant to be a functional space, but that doesn’t have to be at the expense of prettiness – and this way, you can combine the two.

Paint or otherwise rework existing tools to make them look more colourful, or see if you can find cheap ones online or in charity shops. Or if your gardening implements need replacing anyway, kit yourself (and your cabin) out with some eye-catchingly bright new ones!

Nature’s Touch

Due to the location of your garden cabin, it’d be a shame if you didn’t try and incorporate as least a little (literal) life into your decoration. Window boxes are a lovely touch, or you could plant some climbing flowers along the walls of your cabin. You could even place some dried flowers in the cabin, or a cactus or two depending on how much light and ventilation is available.

Quirky Decorations

Fun wooden wall signs (or other wall hangings) are available everywhere from John Lewis to Etsy, and make for pleasing yet unobtrusive additions to a garden cabin. If you want to go a step or two further, look into getting interesting overhead lights for the place, or some brightly coloured bunting.

Relaxed Space

If you’re going to put that much effort into designing a garden cabin that’s both functional and pleasing to the eye, you’re probably going to want to spend as much time around it as possible. When the weather gets warmer, place some lounging chairs around and use it as a reading or sunbathing nook, or as a place to sit outside with visitors when you don’t want to be cooped up indoors. Keep some old cushions or chairs stored away that you can pull out when it gets sunny.

Got any more tips for beautifying a garden cabin? Share them in the comments!

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Estelle Page is the Home & Living editor of GKBC and also writes for Dunster House. She’s a freelance interior designer with a passion for gardening and the great outdoors.

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