Decorating Your Home With Bamboo

by Editor on June 6, 2013


Decorating your home with bamboo basket is relatively easy. If you have bamboo floors, the result can be quite impressive.

Decorating an Apartment

There is nothing as interesting as starting out after college in your own apartment. You have lots of ideas on interior décor and are split over which one to go with! But even with your wild imagination, creating your little paradise is hindered by one thing—money! That’s because there are student loans to pay and other household bills.
So how can you get past this situation and still create a unique interior in your apartment? If you don’t have enough money to create that interior setting you so cherish, don’t fret. There are easier options that can just be as handy! Your imagination is still needed. And you don’t have to lose an arm and a leg to decorate your house!
Bamboo baskets and other bamboo items can fill this void perfectly. Bamboo has been used in decoration for ages. They are affordable, long lasting and quite attractive. Decorating an interior space is all about imagination and placing items in symmetry. There are several ways to leverage bamboo baskets as interior décor. The good thing is; bamboo baskets can be used to decorate virtually any room.

Ways to Decorate 

You can use bamboo baskets for your home, apartment or any other interior space. One way to decorate with bamboo baskets is by storing small things in them. For instance, you can place bathroom items such as small towels, creams and soaps in a bamboo basket in the bathroom. To soup up the look, ensure the soaps are fancy looking and the towels have varying designs and colors.

Because you are using bamboo, it serves you better if you can maintain a bamboo theme throughout the house. These bamboo baskets can also go especially well with unique bath tubs, shower heads, and toilet seat covers.
Remember, you don’t have to restrict yourself to what you read. Find other personal unique ways to style using bamboo.  You can also use bamboo baskets as your fruit case in the kitchen. To sustain the bamboo theme, use bamboo mats on the floors and the dining room.

To nail a good look, employ some symmetry, using different types of bamboos from one room to another. Basically, you can use bamboo baskets to hold virtually anything in your apartment.

Using Large Bamboo Baskets

Don’t restrict yourself to using only small bamboo baskets. You can also use large bamboo baskets to hold virtually all kinds of household goods. Large bamboo baskets shaped as vases can also be used as lamps. You can also use large vase-like bamboo baskets as table bases in your bedroom.

For this, you can simply place a piece of round glass on the large basket. That gives you not just a stylish table, but an appealing look as well.
In addition, you can also use the large bamboo baskets as laundry baskets. If you don’t have a linen closet in your apartment, the large bamboo baskets can also come in handy for storing towels. When looking for a neutral piece of interior decoration, it doesn’t get more natural than bamboo. It all depends with your imagination!

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